The multiverse is brimming with endless possibilities, including another edition of weekly tabletop RPG news! Today’s variant visits worlds that are utterly fantastical, strangely familiar, and downright just a plane ride away. Check out how an NYC-based board game cafe unionized, gaze at Marvel Multiverse’s first big adventure, and witness Pathfinder remaster its rules. Read on to find out how it all unfolds. 

Employees Of New York Hex&Co Win Vote To Unionize

via: Hex Workers United

Hex Workers United is the name of a new tabletop union as of this week. 50 of 66 people voted to unionize, reports Dicebreaker, making board game cafe Hex&Co the first unionized establishment of its kind in the state. This comes after several attempts by staff to work out a union with cafe co-owners Greg May and Jon Freeman. The two reportedly opposed any efforts to unionize, causing workers to escalate to the National Labor Relations Board. The following vote resulted in a “yes” to unionization, and hopefully improved conditions for the workers. 

Marvel Multiverse Gives Free Digital Compendium Access To Celebrate New Kang Book

via: PHD Games

While the MCU version of Kang the Conqueror might be phased out soon, the TTRPG version just made his big debut. Marvel Multiverse RPG just released its Cataclysm of Kang campaign book this week. This series of six adventures can be one-shots or linked into a multiverse-spanning epic. To set new players up for this journey, Marvel Multiverse has its whole compendium up for free on Demiplane. This allows users to access the core rulebook, build characters, and get pregens of their favorite heroes. It’s only available until November 21, but all characters made will stay in your library. 

Try Cataclysm Of Kang With A Pro GM!

Pathfinder Remastered Core Books Release This Week, Learn To Play Here

via: Paizo

Pathfinder fans have been looking forward to this one; The new remastered Player Core and GM Core books are now on shelves and the digital space. These editions free Pathfinder 2E from the shackles of the OGL and any changes it might endure in the future. They also update the core rules and add new ones. This makes for a great jumping on point, as it’s never been easier to learn to play Pathfinder. Our pro GMs at StartPlaying also run Learn to Play sessions every month, check out open games here

With that last one said and done, we bring this week to a close! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this quick bit of news. Take care of yourself, and may your dice be kind.

Nov 16, 2023
Tabletop Gaming News

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