If you’re here, then the new Fallout show probably gave you a hankering to revisit the irradiated wilds of postwar America. Good news: StartPlaying and the Alchemy VTT have joined forces to bring you a special introduction to the Fallout TTRPG! So get in your power armor, grab a Nuka Cola, and turn up the radio; we’re spending a Week in the Wasteland! 

Our Fallout: A Week in the Wasteland event runs from April 8 to April 14, the same week the series drops on Amazon Prime. StartPlaying Game Masters will be running beginner-friendly sessions of Fallout using the Alchemy virtual tabletop platform. Alchemy is a great companion for storyteller GMs as it puts the focus on scene-setting ambient music and animated effects for art. You’ll be immediately transported to the unique Fallout setting thanks to Alchemy’s integration of the system. Check here for all the open games

Fallout: The Roleplaying Game is part of the 2d20 family of games from Modiphius. That puts it in esteemed company with Dune: Adventures in the Imperium and Dishonored. The system gives the story a lot of weight but also allows for detailed combat rules if the players want. Think being able to target specific body parts on an enemy. And just in the Fallout video games, you can get Perks, craft items from salvage you collect, barter for bottlecaps, and more. Yet this version also expands on the video games by allowing you to play as ghouls and even super mutants. 

Alchemy RPG is an up-and-coming platform that crushed its crowdfunding goals. While many other virtual tabletops focus on options for dungeon delving and battle maps, Alchemy goes for visual storytelling. The main screen is filled with “scenes” the GM can shift between. These can display large background art, soundtracks, and any lore writings that enhance the scene. It’s made for theater of the mind and streaming, hoping to immerse users in the story rather than look like a strategy video game. 

StartPlaying is the best place to find online TTRPG games. With our search tools, you can find storytellers that expertly set the mood and masters of tactical combat. Our GMs are excited to bring more people into the world of Fallout! Whether you’re an experienced survivor or a fresh Vault Dweller, you’ll find your fun during A Week in the Wasteland.

Apr 5, 2024

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