Hello and welcome to this week's edition of tabletop RPG news with StartPlaying! While StartPlaying is chiefly known as the best place to find professional Dungeon Masters, we also keep tabs on the goings-on within the hobby as a whole. Every week we gather up the biggest stories and summarize them for you right here! So kick back, relax, and enjoy this quick look at the top TTRPG stories of the week. 

This week, D&D conjured a VR game partnership, TTRPG TikTok is going big big for charity, the Rebel Moon RPG got stuck in the vault forever, and human fighter reins supreme.

Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Reality Game In Development 

via: Steam

Wizards of the Coast, in its efforts to have D&D be an all-consuming brand, licensed the IP to Resolution Games. The studio has experience in the genre with Demeo, an VR RPG that took a lot of inspiration from tabletop play. Not much is known other than that the license is for an official VR game set in the Forgotten Realms and that it is “slated for a future release” reports Dicebreaker. 

Rebel Moon TTRPG Remains Unreleased After Netflix/Evil Genius Settlement

An update on the Evil Genius lawsuit against Netflix brings sad news. Last fall, Evil Genius sued the streamer over a breach of contract when Netflix canceled the Rebel Moon TTRPG. The game supposedly expanded heavily on the world Zack Snyder created for the Rebel Moon film and was ready for release. Netflix canceled the game and claimed ownership over all work involved. This week, both parties announced a settlement. In the announcement, it is stated that the game won’t be released and retailers who pre-ordered it can claim a refund. 

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TTRPG TikTok Raises Massive Money For Doctors Without Borders

A huge group of TTRPG creators have come together to collect money for charity. Spearheaded by meme master RUN-DMG, the group has collected over $17,000 for Doctors With Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres. The aid is going towards helping those in need of medical attention in Gaza. The goal is to raise $20,000 by the end of January, and momentum is strong. Those who donate on the Tiltify page can collect rewards such as custom dice, workshops with creators to help your brand, and one-shots in many different systems with pro GMs. 

Human Fighter Is Statistically The Most Built Class On D&D Beyond

via: WotC

D&D Beyond gave its annual year-in-review post, and Dicebreaker filled us in on the big trends. Despite what my average game includes, it looks like human is the most picked lineage and fighter is the most chosen class. Piling on the normalness is the fact that “Bob” is the name most used in D&D Beyond character sheets. Rogues and barbarians are 2nd and 3rd, showing that martials are what most D&D Beyond users gravitate towards. Druids definitely came up this year–probably thanks to the movie–being a top search term and article subject. 

That brings this week to a close! I hope you enjoyed those D&D statistics, and good luck to the charity effort! Also, all cards on the table, I’m offering a free Avatar RPG one-shot for the charity. Go check it out! 

Jan 26, 2024
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