We’re StartPlaying, and this is the news. Tabletop RPG news to be precise. This week’s stories are all about the future of the industry. Dungeons & Dragons will start increasing book prices, leading to a debate about greed vs. reasonable product costs. Roll20 previewed some big changes to its virtual tabletop that will add depth to games. And two highly-anticipated projects smash crowdfunding goals as they hit the scene. Whatever you’re playing, there are bound to be big changes on the horizon.

D&D Books Will Cost More Starting This Year

via: Wizards of the Coast

Just as so many other hobbies are raising prices this year, Wizards of the Coast announced that new D&D books will cost $59.95 going forward. This markup from the previous $49.95 will begin with August’s Bigby Presents: Glory to the Giants. However, IGN reports that previously-released books will retain their old pricing, and digital prices will remain at $29.99. Furthermore, those who pre-order Glory to the Giants can get a physical/digital bundle for $59.95 as a special promotion. 

The price increase is the first in nine years, and has caused much discourse online. Critics immediately spoke out on how the move seems aimed at pushing digital over physical and is reflective of WotC’s corporate greed in light of recent events. The company cites rising production costs and a push for greater quality as the motivation behind the decision. Some third-party and indie creators welcome the move as WotC often sets the standard for the industry in consumers’ eyes. If D&D can raise prices, then other games have room to as well. 

Tales Of The Valiant Hits Kickstarter With Alchemy RPG

via: Kobold Press

Kobold Press and its Project Black Flag have been a name to watch ever since WotC started causing problems in the D&D community earlier this year. Black Flag’s promise of 5E without ties to WotC intrigued many, as playtests led to a name change to Tales of the Valiant. Now Tales of the Valiant is fully funded on Kickstarter after 30 minutes and is still going strong. As the money continues to roll in, Kobold Press has announced several partnerships with adventure writers and platforms. The latest partner was revealed to be Alchemy, a promising new VTT with a successful Kickstarter of its own.


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Roll20 Previews Its Immersive Redesign

via: Roll20

As the VTT competition heats up, Roll20 is offering demos of its upcoming redesign. The platform will begin by refining its toolbar and setting out a new layers system for designing maps and lighting elements. The redesign is opt-in with no plans to fully replace the current interface, but users are encouraged to sign up for demos and give feedback to guide the process. 

Girl By Moonlight Has A Magical Crowdfunding Launch

via: Evil Hat Productions

Not to be outdone by Kobold Press, Evil Hat launched its Backerkit campaign for Girl by Moonlight. Inspired by the likes of Sailor Moon and Steven Universe, Girl by Moonlight uses magical girl tropes to help players explore queer identity and the struggle to be yourself in an oppressive world. The game will use the systems behind Blades in the Dark to push narrative and choice-based gameplay to the forefront. The campaign is already fully funded, but there are many stretch goals to unlock including numerous zines inspired by the game. 


And that wraps up this week’s stories. However you’re spending your money after reading these stories, we hope that it pays off! 

May 25, 2023
Tabletop Gaming News

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