You’ve got your dice in your bag, your mini tucked away safely, and you’re counting the minutes until the work day is over. The weekend is almost here, and for a lot of you that means Game Night! But what will you talk about around the table as you wait for Sam to show up late as always? What are the latest events in the tabletop RPG world? Here’s the three biggest stories in TTRPG news this week: Dungeons & Dragons makes another controversial business move, Fallout put up big numbers, and Final Fantasy 14 enters TTRPGs this month. 

D&D Beyond Eliminates Purchasing Individual Subclasses And Feats 

D&D Beyond unveiled a fancy new update to its marketplace this week, but in the process removed a feature. Users can no longer purchase individual content like subclasses, feats, or magic items for their D&D Beyond character creator. Instead, you have to buy the whole digital book to get access to the character features within. 

On the plus side, bundling physical and digital seems to have more emphasis. When you look at most books on the new D&D Beyond marketplace, it prominently displays the option to bundle a digital version with the physical for $10 more. It’s not quite the free digital copy included with physical books that many fans have been asking for, and doesn’t ease the pain of removing à la carte content purchasing, but it might indicate that Wizards of the Coast is seeing the potential of physical and digital working together. 

Fallout Sold Out Thanks To Amazon TV Show

The Modiphius Fallout games are blasting off shelves due to the buzz around the Amazon show. The show reportedly garnered 65 million views in two weeks, making it the second most-watched title on Amazon Prime behind Rings of Power. Modiphius sales show that Fallout fever is in full effect: stock of the TTRPG core book sold out before episode one even aired. Meanwhile, the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures game sold out its starter set later. Fallout as a brand doubled its month-on-month sales for Modiphius, and the publisher is working to make more available soon.  

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Final Fantasy 14 TTRPG Looks To Launch This Month

The official Final Fantasy XIV tabletop RPG is up for pre-order on the Square Enix Store, and it’s listed as having a May 2024 release. The $59.99 starter set is the only product available at the moment. It includes four jobs: Warrior, White Mage, Dragoon, and Black Mage. Two books are included for the players and the GM, with the GM book providing three scenarios that “tie in directly to Final Fantasy XlV's main story.” Other items include maps, character tokens, 10d6, and 6d20 with special symbols. 

And that’s the end of this week’s news! Hopefully something sparked your interest. Now back to your games– may your dice be kind! 

May 2, 2024
Tabletop Gaming News