The spooky season is coming to an end, but there’s still a lot of festivities going on in the tabletop RPG world. Here at StartPlaying, we have professional Game Masters running spooky games of all kinds all over the world. In this week’s TTRPG news, a popular podcast has a spooky D&D class for its listeners, Roll20 is giving lots of treats for charity, and WotC hints at some old ghosts returning in 2024. Let’s summon up these stories and find out more.

Chris Perkins Hints at D&D 50th Anniversary Anthology And More Planescape

via: ENWorld

EN World reporter Darjr attended a panel at GameHoleCon where Chris Perkins and several others from the D&D team shared sneak peeks at the game’s future. While nothing was officially announced, hints pointed to a Tales of the Yawning Portal-style anthology for the 50th anniversary. The concept seems to be multiverse-hopping through the greatest hits of 5e. Other names that came up were the Endless Stair, Barrier Peaks, and Rod of Seven Parts, hinting at more Planescape content in the near future. 

Worlds Beyond Number Shares New Witch Class For 5E

via: Worlds Beyond Number

Patrons of the Worlds Beyond Number can now play a Witch class for 5E. The class has been in play by Erika Ishii with her character Ame in The Wizard, the Witch, and the Wild One. The class has been shown to give a powered-up familiar, turn spells into portable tokens, curse enemies as a reaction, and cast their own unique spells. The version available now is a playtest, and only available to members of the Worlds Beyond Number Patreon.

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MCDM Debuts Its Psionic Talent Class For 5E

via: MCDM

On the other side of the popular third-party spectrum, MCDM released its complete version of the Talent class for 5E. This seems to be as close as we’ll get to a proper psionic in this edition of D&D. The Talent forgoes the use of spell slots, instead relying on a new strain system. The more they use their powers, the more hindering strain they’ll build up. Pyrokinetics, telekinetics, and other famous examples of psychics can be built with these rules. The Talent is now available on the MCDM digital store for $14.99.

Roll20 Humble Bundle Offers Dune, Fallout, Tarot, Subscription, And More 

via: Roll20

Roll20 has partnered with Humble Bundle to offer an amazing deal called Everything For Your Adventures. This first-ever VTT bundle unlocks goodies for several different TTRPGs in the Roll20 Compendium. The highest tier will net you Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, Pathfinder 2E, Fallout: The Roleplaying Game, Tales from the Loop, and Fate. Included are several add-ons from third-party sources like Kobold Press and Loke Battle Maps. Topping it off is one month of Plus Subscription to Roll20. A surprise is also in store, with more content dropping on November 2. 

That’s all for this week! A lot of exciting things to grab from different sources, all in service of making your games more exciting. However you play, you’re sure to find something new to play with. Have fun, and may your dice be kind! 

Oct 26, 2023
Tabletop Gaming News

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