Many Dungeons & Dragons players want high level content, but Wizards of the Coast isn’t working on an endgame hardcover anytime soon. As many fans will point out, level 20 games are a different beast entirely. Player characters of higher levels have so many options and abilities that there is no universal adventure template capable of challenging them. DMs instead need to tailor the game to the specific characters.

That said, there are some creative souls out there making content for high-level D&D. Dungeon Masters Guild is a great resource for this, collecting the world of many talented writers. DMs Guild has modules for Adventurers League, new character options, and encounter guides. Here we’ve collected some of the best DMs Guild options you’ll find for D&D levels 16-20.

Lost Tales Of Myth Drannor 

One of the joys of Tier 4 D&D is working your way up there from the lower levels. Lost Tales Of Myth Drannor gives you the framework for that journey with quests aimed at all levels of play. The full product has six adventures that you can weave throughout your campaign to tell a mysterious side story. Or you can jump right into the later chapters and run them as high-level one shots. Better yet, most of the content is compatible with Adventurers League! 

A Convergence Of Gods

Let’s face it: when you’re playing high-level D&D, you expect to fight a god or two. While A Convergence of Gods has a more complex set-up than that, it still delivers a tough final fight against an intimidating foe. It also takes place in the Border Kingdoms, an exciting D&D setting with some cool lore behind it. Players have options on how they approach the boss fight, with a “hard mode” version for those who really want that Tier 4 challenge. 

Invasion From The Planet of Tarrasques

Many of the high level content has parties deciding the fate of nations or fighting off the arrival of a dark god. This comes from a delicate balancing act of throwing large enough threats at the now-overpowered party while not outright killing them. Invasion from the Planet of Tarrasques goes in the other direction by embracing the ridiculous power level of Tier 4 D&D. As the name says, heroes will be fending off a full-scale invasion of D&D’s most powerful monster. Balance goes out the window as characters die, cities are flattened, everyone must be level 20 to have a chance of survival, and the table has a wonderful time breaking the boundaries of the game. 

Wings Of Death

Nothing says epic level play like a literal epic. Adventurers League Epics are like raids in MMOs: multiple parties of players are summoned to fight a huge threat. Wings of Death allows characters of Tier 3 and Tier 4 to team up and take on the ultimate machinations of the Red Wizards of Thay. However, if you lack the people to run such a large event, rules are also given for a single-party affair. However you play, the stakes are high, the enemies are evil, and the combat is hardcore. This is the definition of D&D at high level. 

Scales of War

Here’s a little something for fans of Eberron, the steampunk/noir/western setting of D&D. The Oracle of War storyline is an ambitious campaign that has been released over the past year and a half, and takes characters from levels 1-20. It’s nearing its end now, and the final story arc gathers the nations together for war. This kind of epic storyline is the stuff endgame D&D is known for, allowing the players to go all-out in the middle of a big battle scene straight from Lord of the Rings or Avengers. 

Chapter 18, Scales of War is where the armies assemble and take to the field. It’s an epic chapter on its own, but you can also pull pieces from it to create your own wartime scenario. If you’d rather be the player in this scenario, consider hiring a StartPlaying GM to run a high-level game for you. They’ve killed many–I mean guided many players through epic content before, and fun was had. 

Sep 15, 2021
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