Looking for a tabletop RPG with mysterious vibes, something more chill than tactical combat? How about hit Free League game Tales From the Loop? The award-winning TTRPG takes place in the ‚Äú‚Äė80s that never was.‚ÄĚ Think Stranger Things, E.T., and many other ‚Äė80s movies about kids getting into weird phenomena. Now you can get into the action yourself with StartPlaying‚Äôs Tales From the Loop: Learn to Play Weekend!

From March 7 to March 10, Game Masters will be running beginner-friendly sessions of Tales From the Loop. StartPlaying has partnered with Free League to give GMs access to official modules and art so that we can offer players the highest-quality experience. Not only that, but the immersive new VTT Alchemy is in the mix. This brings moody ambient music and animated effects to these games, further creating the atmosphere of mystery sci-fi. You can see all of the games being offered by pro GMs here!

Tales From the Loop combines the most iconic parts of ‚Äė80s movies into a unique role play experience. You‚Äôll play as kids in a boring nowhere town with a strange device stationed nearby. The titular Loop summons all kinds of strange phenomena and, of course, only the kids catch on. Your characters must contend with the real world problems of school, bullies, and overbearing parents while also solving world-bending mysteries. The action is fast thanks to the simple dice rules, but also full of dramatic scenes that are any roleplayer‚Äôs dream.¬†

Alchemy is a great companion to Tales From the Loop. Instead of focusing on a gridded battle map like many other virtual tabletops, Alchemy puts large art pieces at the forefront. The GM controls these ‚Äúscenes‚ÄĚ by mixing in music, animation, and any relevant lore writings. It‚Äôs very visual, aiming to pull players into the story as opposed to thinking in terms of a strategy game.¬†

StartPlaying is the best place to find online TTRPG games. Our search tool introduces you to GMs with a variety of skills and play styles. You can find storytellers with immersive voice acting, mood setters with brilliant ambient music, masters of tactical combat, and more. Many have been excitedly learning Tales From the Loop leading up to this event, and are ready to weave tales full of adventure, laughs, and mystery. Step up to the Loop and join us! Seats are filling fast! 

Mar 7, 2024
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