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Tabletop RPGs Run by Professional Game Masters
What is StartPlaying?

StartPlaying is the largest online platform for players to find tabletop roleplaying games and professional GMs for any game system and any virtual tabletop! Are you looking to play D&D Online or find a virtual Pathfinder 2e group? We're part D&D Group finder (amongst other games) and part games finder. Our professional dungeon masters and Game Masters are running games all over the world. Find a game that works for you and your schedule.

Our Benefits

Never played before?

If you're new to Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs, our experienced professional Dungeon Masters and Game Masters are happy to introduce you to the game so you and your friends can learn to play D&D online.

How much does it cost?

That depends, each GM lists their own price. You can view each game's price when browsing games.

What are the Games like?

Love combat? Enjoy roleplaying? Excited by puzzles? Our Game Masters offer games of all play styles. StartPlaying makes it easy to find a D&D group that matches your play style.

Where do I play?

Currently, all of our games are online, but eventually, we will support finding local D&D games and other TTRPGs near you as well. If you're looking to play D&D online we have over 1000 professional dungeon masters ready to run your adventure.

Hosting a team event?

We've run team events for some of the coolest companies in the world! Check out Teams.StartPlaying.Games to learn more and book an awesome event for your team!

What if I don't have a group?

No worries, join a game solo and play with other players! StartPlaying is the largest RPG table finder for games run by professional dungeon masters and game masters. Over 20,000 players have found their online D&D group with us. Whether you wanna play D&D online with a pro-GM, or any other TTRPG, StartPlaying has you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're the largest site for connecting players with professional and hobbyist Game Masters to play any game system on any virtual tabletop.

Our Game Masters set their own price, so cost varies depending on the GM and the game. Some Game Masters offer free games, while others charge a rate they choose.

Are you looking for a game for yourself to join solo? Head over to our Games Search and find a game that works for you! You can also search our Game Masters for a GM for you and your friends. All of the payment is done through StartPlaying to prevent fraud and protect the players and Game Masters.

We take a small percentage of games booked on our platform. This allows us to continue building new products, advertising and paying our team of devoted gamers.

Yes, payments on our platform protect you and the GM from fraud. All payments are done through Stripe, one of the most secured payment processors in the world. If a player or GM asks you to take payment off-site with Venmo or PayPal, we suggest you reach out to us at support@startplayinggames.com.

The term "professional game master" refers to people that run tabletop game events in a formal or organized setting. Professional game masters come in many forms. There are game masters that run private sessions and some that run public events at conventions or local game stores. We are proud to offer a platform that makes this emerging profession more accessible to a growing community of professional game masters and their players.

No worries! You can join a game solo, and meet a whole new group to play D&D (or any other TTRPG) with who are joining the same way!

Feel free to check out our Game Master search and find a GM perfect for you! You and your group can choose to pay separately or have one person pay for the entire group.

If you had any issues with your game, please reach out to support at support@startplayinggames.com and they can issue you player credit and help you with any issues!

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to skip a session or would like to leave a campaign/one-shot, you can do so with no penalty, up to 24 hours before the start time of the game. If you need skip or leave the campaign/one-shot within the 24 hour timeframe, you should reach out to your Game Master.

Every Game Master uses a different set of tools to run their games. Some may want players to use webcams on Zoom with Roll20 as the Virtual Tabletop (VTT) while others just use voice on Discord and Theater of the Mind. Our Game Masters also have the flexibility to use whatever Virtual Tabletop they want. Every game listing will have the information on the technology and software needed for playing that specific game.

Do you wanna join our ranks as a professional game master? Sign up for an account with StartPlaying and then you could sign up as a Game Master afterwards. Check out our article on how to sign up to be a GM on StartPlaying!

Our reviews and report system are here to make sure you find a Game Master that is the best fit for you, and that your game is amazing. Game Masters can have up to 20 players review them prior to joining StartPlaying, and then they can be reviewed by every player they have on StartPlaying. GMs that ask players to pay off-site (Venmo and PayPal) are potential signs of fraud and are breaking our platform's Terms of Service. If a GM asks you to pay them off-site, please reach out to support@startplayinggames.com.

Players are charged at the start of their session. If you have signed up for a campaign, you are charged at the start of every session, unless you have chosen to skip the upcoming session from your Player Dashboard. Check out this article for more information!

While many of our Game Masters do charge for their sessions, there are some who also run games for free. You can browse the search page and see what games are listed as free in the listing description!

If you have any questions about using the StartPlaying.Games platform, you can contact support@startplayinggames.com

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