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Monster of the Week

About Monster of the Week

Did you ever want to be one of the Winchester brothers from Supernatural? Or investigate mysteries with the crew of Scooby-Doo? How about hunting down demons like Buffy? Then Monster of the Week is the perfect game for you! Monster of the Week is a standalone action-horror RPG for 3-5 people. It provides a narrative-heavy experience that catapults players into a world of danger. Whether you and your team are traveling the country to hunt down evil vampires or heading an investigation into a haunted ruin, Monster of the Week’s rules-light playstyle allows for flexibility to craft the perfect adventure for the entire group.

About Monster of the Week
How to Play

You choose the type of character you want to play, such as a technical expert or a powerful magician. Each character type has a set of unique moves to select from. For example, one character type, the Divine, has a move called Angel Wings which allows them to teleport their entire team anywhere. There are also basic moves which every character type can use. Monster of the week is a Powered by the Apocalypse, or PbtA, game. PbtA is a tabletop roleplaying rules engine based on the game mechanics of Apocalypse World. In a PbtA game, your character’s moves define the rules, allowing the Game Master to focus on crafting the narrative. Game Masters don’t even roll any dice. If the Game Master wants something to happen in the world, it simply does. This helps keep the game going at a fast pace. Another unique feature of PbtA games is that they provide you with a set of mechanics to define the players’ relationships with other player characters and NPCs. When making a move or decision, you roll two six-sided dice. Then you add them together and modify this number with a specific attribute. The result decides whether you succeed or fail. If your result is above 10, congratulations. You’ve succeeded! If your number is 7-9, that is a partial success. Partial successes don’t give you the exact outcome you may have been looking for. If your result is below 6, then you likely won’t be happy with the outcome. Don’t worry though, when your character fails at something, they gain experience points! Experience points can be used to improve your character’s moves, attributes and more! Powered by the Apocalypse games, like Monster of the Week, allows Game Masters to offer their players an immersive experience tied to character development and collaboration.

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