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Optimus Hyde

3 years on StartPlaying

Highly rated for: Storytelling, Inclusive, World Builder

About me

Hi, my name is Hyde and I have been playing DND 5e for five years now, and I have been GMing since I began playing! I’m in my mid twenties and I’ve been interested in fantasy for as long as I can remember. Other hobbies of mine include cooking though I’m by no means any good at it, studying ancient history, I’m currently listening to the “A History of Rome” podcast which is very good and highly worth a listen to if you are into that sort of thing and of course video games, personal favorite of mine is the Mass Effect trilogy (We don’t talk about the original ending). My favourite class is fighter and my favourite monster is the Tyrannosaurus Rex however I am yet to use one much to my dismay. My influences come from Steven Lumpkin’s West Marches campaign, Adam Koebel’s Court of Swords and the Warhammer novels both 40k and Fantasy.

GM style

My GMing style is what you might call cinematic, by that I mean I will often describe a scene as if you the players were watching a film or TV show. As for gameplay and themes, my games will often be on the brutal side with vivid description and combat to match. Roleplaying will of course be encouraged but I favour roleplay to be focused on the players rather than between a player and a non-player character to engage as many of the players as possible.

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