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Hello there! My name is Leo, and I want to give you a Pen and Paper experience you'll never forget! I bet you wonder why you should play with me? I pride myself on tailoring every adventure, no matter if it's a homebrew or a standing module, precisely to the needs of my players. I am often turning the adventure entirely on its head. Playing Curse of Strahd but with Strahd as your Warlock Patron? Sure! Have a small detail in your backstory that you are proud of? I'll pick that up 100% and integrate it into the story. I want to help you tell *your* Stories with a heavy focus on roleplay while also keeping encounters challenging and exciting. You won't find random rats in my Dungeons. And to make sure that you'll have enough space to play your character, I'll generally limit the Party to 3 - 4 players. I am currently on the lookout for players for my Pay to Play D&D 5e Games. But I am open to playing different systems as well! Just let me know, and we'll find out together! I'm a fast learner if I need to be! I offer other services beyond just DMing, such as helping new DMs learn how to create awesome adventures and experiences for their players. These include, but are not limited to: * Teaching new players how to make characters. * Teaching DMs and Players how to use Roll20 and DnDBeyond; Including the DnDBeyond Homebrew Creation, in-depth! * Giving tips and tricks for DMs on wordbuilding, story structure, and the creations of custom encounters, magic items, and battle maps. * Proofreading of Adventures, Novels, and Short stories. If you are curious about these services, please feel free to ask.

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I love roleplaying players that go deep into characters. For that reason, I am focusing on creating a living world with interesting NPCs that make you shine. And if it comes to combat, the encounters are interesting, challenging, and meaningful. And if there is something that you want? I'll make that happen! My table is a safe place for everyone. I am using TTRPG Safety Tools.

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