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About me

I'm a long time role-playing, wargaming and generalized Geek looking to have fun with new players. I spend most of my time deep diving into myriad of hobbies ranging from Twitch streaming and Miniature Painting all the way through Larping and art but my first love was and always will be Role Playing games. What started with a forgotten DND Basic box and a friend in our rooms late at night quickly spiralled into a lifelong passion for storytelling and gaming.

GM style

I like to run my games with a mix of Combat and Roleplaying following the rules as written with a healthy dose of the Rule of Cool. My games generally mix comedy, suspense, action, and intrigue to create a fun session for all the players. And that really is my focus, making sure we are all having fun, that's the point of playing after all. I love working with motivated and enthusiastic players that want to impact the world I present with their own stories and I bring that same energy myself with custom maps, tokens, and images to bring the world alive.

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