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Jeff "GM Teddy"

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About me

...I swear I put it somewhere aroun-- Oh! Hello there! Have you taken a wrong turn or-- No? Oh, uh, welcome! Then. You must be looking for a GM. Let me just tuck this completely innocuous non-descript container that holds absolutely no mysteries and introduce myself, since you came all this way. My name is Jeff, in some parts of the internet I also go by the handle Teddy, inhabiting the Canadian prairies of Alberta. My TTRPG passion blossomed in earnest in my late teens and time at college, so roughly 15 years or so, and have ran games for just as long. But, between you and me, I've had an interest in the game for ages. See, when I was still a larva, my mother picked up a copy of the first edition of AD&D, and I have been fascinated by the concept of this kind of co-operative, interactive storytelling ever since. Recently, I've been bullied into trying to extort strangers for money, which has culminated into this awkward but hopefully fruitful meeting. Oh, no, please don't run! When I run my games, I try to make full use of my background in theater and creative writing to make memorable experiences for my players, and the stories I tell tend to be centered on the player characters and how their creativity and conflicts drive and contribute to the plot. My biggest goal, period, is to make sure that everyone is having a good time and feeling like they are in a warm and welcome environment. Respect and community make the foundation of my storytelling philosophy. Have I scared you off yet? No? Cool. Okay, so I have a weakness for film, and have played a lot of video games, but I have a toe or two in most areas of pop culture. If I don't know a reference that you're making, you can bet that I'll be excited to learn about it from you. As for me, in relation to my flavor of GMing, some of my biggest influences include; The Mummy '99 (and other jaunts of that ilk), a lot of the classic Universal Monster jammies, The Sting and other Heist movies, Star Wars, Avatar the Last Airbender, the Final Fantasy franchise, Bioware RPG's, SMT/Persona, world mythology, and basically whatever I happen across that I find neat.~ Kind of a vanilla list, I know, but I'm pretty easy to please, honestly. Even if I do have a habit of picking my passions apart and looking at them through a critical lens. I adore analyzing characters, plot structure and storytelling theory, and that inevitably bleeds into my GMing. I'll admit, I'm a little shy. As of writing this, I've never before asked people for money in return for my GMing. However, with the insistence of a very supportive group of people around me, and seeing this wide and wonderful community, I've been convinced to give this a shot. By playing in one of my games, you will have a GM who will treat you with warmth and respect, as long as you do the same for your fellow players. While my responses may not be immediate, you will have access to my Discord RP server and I'll do my utmost to be available to answer questions and facilitate your enjoyment to the best of my ability. So, all that said, uh, I hope this has convinced you to stick around a bit and come back later, and I'm eager to hear from you. Until then, or if not, then I wish you safe travels and many adventures.

GM style

I tend to offer a balanced experience with plenty of roleplay, investigation, exploration and combat. Puzzles are... something I'm trying to improve on, but probably won't be encountered very often outside of investigations and social situations. My biggest priority making sure the table is fun for everyone sitting at it. In general, I try to offer rich, detailed worlds with memorable NPC's and locations for characters to interact with. Character voices are common and varied, and NPC's will act independently of the Characters off screen. The world continues on even when the PC's aren't directly interacting with parts of it. Very few of my NPC's are throwaway extras. Your actions will have an impact on the world, in some manner. Investigation, asking questions, and being creative and pro-active will help move the game along. When first starting out, I enjoy helping new players and asking questions, but I don't enjoy being a hand-holder. I try not to railroad, but I will offer some direction, so my games tend not to be true sandboxes wither. We will find ourselves somewhere in the middle road, depending on the group and the game. When it comes to roleplay and combat, I have a habit of separating them into segments, sometimes session long. We may spend an evening struggling through encounters, plundering dungeons, etc, while the next session may entirely be RP in town, investigation, etc, but this isn't a hard rule. Just sort of how it tends to play out. I try to make my encounters challenging and nerve-wracking, but I don't really like meat grinder difficulties. There is often a chance for character death, but it will rarely be a notably high chance. As for my campaigns, I try to make them focused on the PC's as much as possible. Your characters are the main characters, and I do design my campaigns around your backstories and builds in ways that make sense within the setting, and will be expecting the players to be working co-operatively to overcome the challenges presented to their characters and create a positive environment at the table. For now, I'll mostly be running modules. However, most of my roots are in homebrew, and sometimes I can't help but tinker. For the most part, I'll run modules mostly straight, but there may be some unexpected twists and turns, especially for players who have run the adventure before. These changes are usually because I personally disagree with something in the module, or make the alteration to better fit my style and predilections. If not otherwise stated, I run my games at a PG-13 rating, and will ask prospective players to fill out a checklist to determine what is and isn't comfortable. Otherwise, expected content maturity will be specified on the game page.


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