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About me

I have been a sole DM for Homebrew games for over 5 years now. I have found I find much more enjoyment out of watching players solve puzzles, destroy their foes, overcome what they thought would be insurmountable odds. The feeling of watching some enjoy my fever dreams and night terrors, has been nothing by amazing. I have always been at a physical table, before. However, I want to try something new and reach out to people to see if I could spread a bit of fun and story telling.

GM style

I’m a mixed DM, I tend to be very “go with the flow” the question “ what would you all like to do today” is a very common question. I make a world, I play the stage, you are main characters. You move left, something on the right happens off stage. You say yes, the no option is gone. I think that is the best way I can explain it. I’m forgiving yet brutal. I will ask “ are you sure” once. Then the blade drops. I will give enough plot to destroy yourself with. I also tend to enjoy more Grindy, low power, nitty gritty type games, with fun and challenging home rules ( that I always explain upfront and if I don’t the player always gains favor for my mistake.) that I hope enhance the setting and characters. So to help immersion and fun for the players. I’m always open for talk outside the game. Any issue I hope to iron out with open communication and focus on the game and it’s enjoyment for all involved.

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