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I really love the story aspect of TTRPG's. They remind me of the old choose your own adventure book's. I enjoy creating the plot hooks to an adventure and watching the players tell the story with their characters. How the adventure unfolds is different for every group around the table so the replayability being constant is a huge plus. Growing up in my household, my family, we were and still are huge into board games, card games, dominoes etc. We seemed to be the house everyone came to, to have a good time, eat some good food, and just hangout. That's a big part of my personality. I want everyone to have a good time at my table. I use the Rule of cool, and I collaborate with my players to create the impossible. Sometimes, that shoots me in the foot, but we are all here to have fun. I've been playing dnd for 7 years and DMing for 7 years too. I've become a,"Forever DM", but I wouldn't have it any other way. I really, enjoy it! I've run pre-made campaigns, but I find myself tweeking them to my style of DMing. I mainly Homebrew all my adventures and allow my players to homebrew their characters and any aspect of the gameplay as we move forward throughout the campaigns, all within reason. I do like doing indepth character builds. I have created several forbidden Spells that I pepper throughout my world, for players to find. I constantly break the game with many of my homebrew ideas and have to figure out a way to make things right. Meaning, my worlds are considered High Fantasy. Your characters will end up multimillionaire's. They will be as powerful as gods by the end of the campaign. They will have overpowered weapons, and become legends in their own time. High level campaigns, mean your characters have the ability to get to level 20 or higher. Yes, I have homebrewed characters to max out at level 30. We won't always start at level 1, we could start at level 20. I would love to be your DM if only for 1 session. I will be honored to take you on a magical journey we can both create together.

GM style

I have a background in theatre arts. So, I will do roleplay and character voices. I have experience with multiple different weapons, and will describe combat if my players are not interested in doing so themselves. I tend to lean more into horror aspects when describing scenes. Being detailed in some of my descriptions to conjure different types of atmospheres. I create my own maps for the campaign but we will also use the Theatre of the mind, aka our imaginations, at times throughout our journey too. Three rules I use: 1) Respect your teammates as we journey together. 2) We are all here to have an enjoyable and fun adventure. 3) We will collaborate in our creations to bring about the rule of Cool.

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