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A classic retold, Curse of Strahd takes one of the most iconic adventures and settings of pas editions of D&D and re-vamps it (heheh) for 5th edition. In this campaign players will get to experience a level of gothic hor...

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How to prepare

You should at least have a roll20 and Discord account, as that's what we'll be using. I also suggest watching an old horror movie.

What I provide

I have the hardcover book for the adventure as well as PDF files for all the original maps, which we will use during the campaign

What else should you know

This is a horror game (so expect spooks and body horror), but it also has some real-life disturbing themes (child abuse, sexual harassment, racial discrimination). They're not a major part of the campaign, and I won't bring excessive attention to them. I just know that these things are too much for some people. If you have doubts, please contact me privately and we can discuss the topics and your boundaries ahead of the sessions.

Gameplay Details

Each session will start with a recap, and taking off with last session's cliffhanger. It might begin with combat or roleplay, depending on where we left off. As I know this adventure by heart, I can assure you, there will be plenty of both during each session.

How Will Character Creation Work

We can create characters together with the whole group during session 0. We can chose whether to roll or buy ability scores and what level to begin at (1st or 3rd) I encourage to make some characters that already kind of know each other in order to ease roleplay for the group, but it's not a requirement. I suggest not aiming for powerplay but for characters that are interesting on a roleplay level.

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