‍Candela Obscura is a horror mystery RPG that puts players in the role of supernatural investigators. Its biggest piece of pedigree is its connection to Critical Role. The game itself comes from Critical Role’s publishing company Darrington Press, and was created by Spenser Starke and Rowan Hall. Its release was complemented by an actual play live series featuring several Critical Role cast members. The series generated interest among Critical Role fans and likely brought you here as you searched “How can I play Candela Obscura?” 

What Is Candela Obscura?

If you’ve watched any of the Candela Obscura Critical Role show, then you have a firm grasp on the game. If you come from more of a tabletop RPG background, then you’ll find its Illuminated Worlds system is close to Blades in the Dark with investigation ideas like that of Vaesen. The game scales down from the number of dice seen in more popular fantasy TTRPGS like Dungeons & Dragons. It only uses d6 dice with varying narrative results to push for more storytelling-based gameplay than tactical combat. 

The world of Candela Obscura is an early 1900s inspired city and its surrounding nature. Dark forces creep in at the edge of society and the only thing holding them back is the mysterious order the players work for. It’s got elements of 1920s noir mystery and Victorian parlor horror. Overall, it’s a great game system for people who value roleplaying in their games and for Game Masters who want to set up mystery-of-the-week stories. 

How To Play Candela Obscura Games

Want to experience Candela Obscura for yourself? Looking to join a new investigative order? The professional Game Masters at StartPlaying have beginner-friendly games up and running! Check here to find an open game today. A professional GM will guide you through learning the game or help you craft your own story if you already play. They can give you a Candela Obscura character sheet to start with or might accept a character you’ve already made. 

There are also awesome digital tools to help you learn. You can find the Candela Obscura Quickstart for free on sites like DriveThruRPG. This Candela Obscura PDF gives you enough of the rules to learn without throwing everything at you at once. Many GMs will use Quickstart starter adventure to teach the game in one short session. You’ll also find helpful items like the Candela Obscura Roll20 character sheet that guide you through the process of making your first investigator. 

Play Candela Obscura Today

Whether you’re a hardcore fan who wonders every month “When will Candela Obscura be on YouTube?” or someone just curious about the new big game on the block, the best way to learn is to play. Come step into the darkness and help your fellow investigators shine a light by playing your first Candela Obscura game with a pro GM. We won’t spook you… too much. 

Jun 5, 2024