The Vampire: The Masquerade RPG presents a darker, more complex, more political world than your other well-known tabletop RPGs. Dungeons & Dragons set the standard of fighting monsters and collecting loot, whereas Vampire sets itself apart by being about surviving and thriving in the modern world. Sure, you have the supernatural powers of a creature of the night, but you have to hold back lest you break the code of underground vampire society, attract the attention of hunters, or lose yourself to bloodlust. 

What Is Vampire: The Masquerade? 

The Game Master, called a Storyteller in Vampire, weaves the backbone of your tale amidst a secretive society of different vampire clans. All vampires are bound by the Masquerade, a sort of code that keeps vampires from revealing themselves to the outside world. 

Since the Masquerade is in the name of the game, you know it plays a huge role in the story. Most campaigns see players vie for their individual goals–such as amassing power or breaking free from their clans’ restrictions–while obeying the Masquerade so as not to be punished by more powerful vampires. And yet, your vampire must feed on blood to stay alive and use their powers. So your in-game challenge is to get enough blood to stay in shape without going overboard and losing your remaining humanity. This makes Vampire a more serious, roleplay heavy game.

How To Play Vampire: The Masquerade Games

Want to try playing Vampire: The Masquerade? The game does require some strong safety tools and trust as it deals with themes of death, control, and power. Fortunately, StartPlaying Game Masters are professionals that have guided many groups through the World of Darkness Check here to find a beginner-friendly game today! A professional GM will establish strong boundaries for the group and make sure everyone is having fun. They can give you a Vampire: The Masquerade character sheet to start with or they might help you craft your own vampire. 

There are also awesome digital tools to help you with Vampire: The Masquerade character creation. Both SchreckNet and Demiplane have an online Vampire: The Masquerade character creator. You can also buy the Vampire: The Masquerade PDF to learn the rules and Vampire lore needed to make a character. The version most people play is Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.

Play Vampire: The Masquerade Today

So you want to find a Vampire: The Masquerade game? Look no further than StartPlaying! Our professional Game Masters run Learn To Play Vampire: The Masquerade sessions all the time. There’s also several who will take you through a lengthy campaign where you get to tell your story complete with mood-setting music and cinematic storytelling. So don’t be shy… join us for a bite.

Jun 21, 2024