Happy end of March! The beginning of Spring is a time of new life, and here in the TTRPG world that means new creations aplenty. This week saw Wizards of the Coast release a D&D Direct that offered updates on anticipated releases and surprises in equal measure. But those outside the realm of Dungeons & Dragons were not to be left behind, coming in with intriguing announcements of their own. Curious about what’s coming up in the TTRPG-verse? Let’s dive in! 

D&D Direct 2023 Shows VTT, Minecraft, and Vecna

During a 30-minute video presentation, WotC crammed in many teases for the future of D&D. A short segment showed the official virtual tabletop in action with terrain, minis with animations, and D&D Beyond integration. A surprise Minecraft collab was announced that will bring DLC to the video game and blocky monsters to D&D Beyond. In 2024, the multiverse will take focus with a campaign focused on Vecna. To see all the announcements, check out our D&D Direct March 2023 roundup. 

Critical Role Acquires Sci-Fi Podcast Midst

Critical Role continues the expansion it began with the Legend of Vox Machina animated series by acquiring a new media property. The program in question is Midst, an improvised storytelling podcast about strange events in a space-western town. While it doesn’t feature a TTRPG system (or any game mechanics, for that matter), Midst does go for an experimental, spontaneous style that fans of Critical Role would appreciate. The immediate effects of the acquisition will be a new coat of paint over older episodes of the podcast. 

New RPG Fablecraft Is Made For VTT First

The upcoming Kickstarter TTRPG Fablecraft is being made with digital in mind. The game portion will feature a new world, remixes of classic classes, and an experience that’s made to be played in its in-house VTT. The goal, according to Fablecraft’s creators, is to make starting a TTRPG easier than ever. Keeping that in mind, the Fablecraft VTT will run on an app that is compatible with smartphone and PC alike. Further goals are straightforward customization that will make running games more efficient for GMs and allow for intuitive custom content creation. 


And those are some very exciting bits of news from this week! If you’re looking to start a new game or just hang out in a one-shot this weekend, StartPlaying has you covered as always! Come check out what our Pro DMs are running today!

Mar 31, 2023
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