The Thanksgiving holiday weekend comes to a close for US residents, but that doesn’t mean the tabletop RPG world is slowing down! 5E players will find their universe expanding this week, as some big third-party projects are on the horizon. But Star Trek, Vaesen, and other not-D&D games have big things in motion too. Here’s another helping of TTRPG news from StartPlaying Games! 

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Tyranny Of Dragons Might Get Rebalanced… Again

A curious Amazon listing for Tyranny of Dragons was discovered by EN World. Tyranny of Dragons already exists and is itself a reprint of Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat, two of the first D&D 5E adventures printed by Wizards of the Coast. This January 2023 reprint boasts the same content according to Amazon, but is additionally ‚Äúrebalanced to be easier for a new Dungeon Master to run and a better play experience.‚ÄĚ No other changes are advertised, and a cover is not shown, but this third reboot of Tyranny of Dragons so close to One D&D‚Äôs release is an interesting move.¬†

A New Eberron Sourcebook Is Set For December


Chronicles of Eberron, An Eberron sourcebook by Keith Baker and Imogen Gingell, is coming to DMs Guild this December. Yes, in just a few days Eberron fans will be able to get new lore courtesy of Hektula, the Scribe of Sul Khatesh. The book will contain 200 pages of lore, spells, magic items, and player options. Chronicles of Eberron will be available as print-on-demand and PDF. 

OG Dragonlance With A Twist

The original Dragonlance module, Dragons of Despair, is coming back thanks to Level Up Advanced 5E. This updated ruleset for 5E comes courtesy of EN Publishing, with emphasis on adding some crunch to 5E via more detailed character options and beefier exploration and social rules. EN Publishing is showing how Level Up A5E fits classic Dragonlance with a new livestreamed campaign of Dragons of Despair, featuring new characters in the War of the Lance. The first episode will air on January 10 on Twitch and podcast formats. 

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Tips For Pro GMs

Looking to put your storytelling skills to the test and earn some money doing so? There’s always a demand for Game Masters, and the professional GM industry is growing fast. That said, many GMs who are just starting their careers might be confused by the business part of the gig. To help, we at StartPlaying have put together a list of 22 tips on everything from scheduling to tech to advertising. Give it a glance, and it might just set you on the path to a fun new career! 


And that’s it for this batch of news. Have great games and an even greater week!

Nov 25, 2022
Tabletop Gaming News

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