Weekly news with StartPlaying is back again, and there’s quite a lot to go over! These latest offerings promise plenty of entertainment whether you like playing games, watching others play games, or just vibing to always-available content. Of course, if you’re looking to play something new, we have plenty of capable GMs on StartPlaying waiting to take you on your next journey. If you’re here for news, then read on! 

Hasbro Sets Sights On Free D&D 24-Hour Streaming Channel

Hasbro‚Äôs eOne arm, responsible in part for Honor Among Thieves, is looking to launch a 24-hour Dungeons & Dragons streaming channel this summer. Variety reports that the focus of the channel‚Äôs original programming will be actual play content from celebrity players and well-known influencers. Also on the table are D&D spins on classic TV formats, such as a cooking show inspired by the Heroes‚Äô Feast book. Since 24 hours of original content would be an expensive prospect, the time will also be filled by episodes of the ‚Äė80s D&D cartoon. No network or app has been announced yet, but the company expects to have a deal in place in time for a summer launch.

Critical Role Announces Monthly Horror Series Using Its Own System

Critical Role continues to separate its brand from D&D with the announcement of Candela Obscura, a horror drama set in a brand new world. Episodes will air on the last Thursday of the month, May 25 being the first, the week where Critical Role goes dark. The cast will include Robbie Daymond, Laura Bailey, Anjali Bhimani, and Ashley Johnson, with Mattew Mercer taking the GM seat and  Taliesin Jaffe serving as the Lightkeeper. The group appears in promos in an early 1900s aesthetic. Candela Obscura uses the Illuminated Worlds System from Darrington Press, one of the two original TTRPG systems the publisher will be releasing in the future.  

Two New Kickstarters Change The Game

via: Kickstarter

Two highly-anticipated Kickstarters hit the scene and smashed their goals this week, and you’d do well to take notice. First is Koboa, a South American setting for 5E, Pathfinder 2E, and Tales of the Valiant (Black Flag). The all South American team incorporated their mythologies and a gorgeous artstyle into bringing a new world to life where people fight against colonizers to restore civilization. Forms take the place of race, offering a fluid state of being that can grow with the character and offer customizable powers. Koboa also offers creative new subclasses and brand new classes including the Bruje witch. 

via: Yahoo News

Fablecraft is the first TTRPG system designed for a virtual tabletop, complete with its own digital platform tailor made for the game. The system promises convenience in the form of easy-access info cards for NPCs, items, and quest objectives. Previews also show drag-and-drop art, music, and lighting toggles. Character creation will have separate advancement between combat and non-combat abilities to further tailor the game to the players. Overall, Fablecraft seems to offer convenience for DMs and razzle-dazzle for players. 


And that wraps up an exciting edition of TTRPG news? Excited for any of these new games? Keep an eye on StartPlaying for when our GMs start running them! 


May 12, 2023
Tabletop Gaming News

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