Greetings, adventurers, and welcome to another edition of TTRPG news! As always, we at StartPlaying have scoured the multiverse for this week’s big stories. And we’ve also gathered an elite team of Game Masters who are ready to bring you some epic tales of your own. So grab your weapon, ready your spells, and summon your steed, for the hour of news is at hand. 

Pathfinder 2E Heads To Tian Xia For Two Books And An Adventure Path

With the call for carefully-crafted diversity in TTRPGs louder than ever, Paizo is answering the call with two books set in the Asian-inspired realm of Tian Xia. The Tian Xia World Guide and Character Guide will offer a lot of lore, creatures, and character options based on the many cultures and legends of the region. Spotlights were shone on the reincarnating samsarans, dancing wayangs, and tricky tanuki as new playable ancestries. Both books are a ways off, set for 2024, but eager fans will get a preview with the first four-part adventure path Season of Ghosts right in time for Halloween 2023. The adventure will take characters through the four seasons as spirits rise to haunt the land of Shenmen.

Upgrade Your Space Journey With Starfinder Enhanced 

via: Paizo

Paizo announced a huge expansion to its space-faring system called Starfinder Enhanced. This 192-page book, set for October 2023, will revise everything from the core classes to ship combat rules to make for a more exciting Starfinder. Teases in the announcement post point to rules for scalable gear, 90 new feats, as well as new playable races like tiny creatures born from a dying sun. Pre-orders are now available. 

Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer To GM Dimension 20’s Upcoming Season

Worlds will collide again in May 2023 according to Dimension 20’s latest vague announcement. In a brief teaser for Dimension 20’s new season, Matthew Mercer is revealed to be sitting in the GM seat. Little else was revealed except for a hint at setting due to the ornate models and chalice sitting on the table. The season will air on Dropout, with more details hopefully revealed in the near future. 

Avatar RPG Starter Set Spotted At Target

via: Magpie Games

The hugely popular Avatar Legends has a Target-exclusive starter box and it’s available now. The $24.99 box has been spotted in the wild by several TTRPG enthusiasts. Posts on social media have shown an unboxing of the contents–including three adventures, player reference cards, and themed dice–which can also be seen on the Target website. It seems the starter set will be exclusive to Target for a few months, where it will then be made available at other stores. This exact scenario happened with Dungeons & Dragons’ newest starter set, perhaps showing a strategic interest in TTRPGs on Target’s part. 

And that's it for a rapid-fire edition of TTRPG news! Have a wonderful weekend! 

Mar 3, 2023
Tabletop Gaming News

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