Another week down, another weekend that’s (hopefully) free for you to play your favorite tabletop RPGs! It’s been an exciting week for TTRPG news across the board, with big announcements for both the big names and celebrated indies. So let’s get to it! 

Alice Is Missing To Hit The Big Screen

As a silent storytelling TTRPG, Alice is Missing made a name for itself by offering a unique experience. Players play completely through text messages, taking on the role of teenagers that are trying to find their missing friend Alice. Paramount seems interested in how such impactful storytelling could work as a movie, as Hollywood Reporter writes that Paramount optioned the rights to Alice is Missing. Director Becca Gleason, known for Amazon’s The Summer I turned Pretty, is set to co-write the script with Alice is Missing’s original creator Spenser Starke. 

Roll20 Partners With Dungeon Master’s Guild To Support Creator-Made Content

Roll20 and OneBookShelf announced an agreement to allow DMsGuild content on the virtual tabletop. DMsGuild is the officially supported platform for Dungeons & Dragons digital material where users can sell their modules, subclasses, and custom monsters. When the new support takes effect, creators will be able to add Roll20-compatible content like maps and handouts directly to their DMsGuild content. The purchaser will automatically unlock these items for their Roll20 account, with no additional work needed to integrate them into their online games. No exact date was given for the rollout, only “soon.” 

EN Live Offering Sponsorships For Actual Play Series Using Level Up 5E

TTRPG news site EN World is offering sponsorship to six actual play streams that are willing to use its Level Up A5E rule system. You can apply through the site’s EN Live branch, and those chosen will receive $400, stream assets, and promotion for their show. Three shows will be chosen for the summer season of 2022, and three for the fall. EN Live states that a large following is not required, as it is hoping to support new voices in the space. 

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition is a set of deeper rules that aim to add complexity and customization to 5E. The expansion debuted as a Kickstarter project that purported to tackle common criticisms of 5E such as lacking exploration rules, unsatisfying crafting mechanics, and oversimplified backgrounds. It was successfully funded and consists of three books that cover player options, revamped monster stat blocks, and fresh takes on magic items. 

WizKids Brings The Traps To Your Table

WizKids announced a slew of new miniatures and terrain for your in-person dungeon crawls. Two new “Dungeon Dressings” sets will add smaller bits of decoration themed after “Simple Traps” and “Merchant’s Row.” The traps set will add fun ways to show the ways a dungeon can kill unsuspecting players, such as poison gas chests, foot spike traps, and acid pits. The merchant set is way more peaceful, and has market stalls, livestock, and even a potions merchant. Both sets will release in November 2022, along with warband sets for Hobgoblins, Githyanki, and more. 

As always, if you’re looking for a TTRPG game to play this weekend, StartPlaying has hundreds of GMs running everything you can think of!

Jul 1, 2022
Tabletop Gaming News

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