What happens when you cross one of the world’s leading virtual tabletop platforms with the premiere TTRPG online marketplace? A major partnership that could mean big things for indie creators, that’s what! This week’s tabletop RPG news is all about what’s going on outside of well-traveled dungeons and dragon lairs. If you’re into homebrew content and 2d20 games, this one’s for you! 

Roll20 And OneBookShelf Party Up For Seamless Digital Gaming

Game Masters who enjoy using third-party content in their virtual TTRPG games just got a huge helping hand. Virtual tabletop platform Roll20 announced a joint venture with OneBookShelf, a collection of 11 online marketplaces for TTRPG content. This follows up news from earlier this month that found Roll20 looking to incorporate creator-made D&D content from DMs Guild. This official announcement, however, reveals that it’s not just about adding third-party Dungeons & Dragons content. 

The press release states that Roll20 and OneBookShelf will bring their tech departments together in a group effort. 40 such people will cooperate to first add PDF support to Roll20, with the later goal being seamless integration of their OneBookShelf and Roll20 libraries. This goes beyond D&D to support games like Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu. The move will also see OneBookShelf’s CEO become part of Roll20’s governing board. It seems the two entities will be rolling together for the foreseeable future. 

Get 2d20 Games On Sale, Or Create Your Own

Modiphius is having its own 2d20 summer of gaming that will discount core books for big names like Dune and Fallout, as well as mark the launch of the 2d20 SRD. The 2d20 system is Modiphius’ in-house TTRPG ruleset, and is used to give players games with constant action and cinematic storytelling. The System Reference Document (SRD) will be a readily-available PDF that creators can use as a framework to make their own 2d20 games. 

To celebrate the 2d20 SRD’s launch on July 20, Modiphius will hold a sale on all 2d20 core products. All 2d20 core books will be 20% off in both print and PDF format for two days, from July 20-22. If that wasn’t enough fanfare, StartPlaying Games is getting in on the fun with a month long 2d20 event. More Game Masters will be running 2d20 games in hopes of introducing more players to this unique gameplay style, and those who GM can win big prizes from the Modiphius store! 

Spelljammer Still Confirmed, Now With More News! 

The big release of 5e’s Spelljammer books is a month away, so it’s time for Wizards of the Coast to start the hype train. Or hype ship, in this specific case. A new video appeared on WotC’s YouTube page called “The Ships of Spelljammer.” In it, Chirs Perkins discusses the importance of space-faring vessels to Spelljammer adventures. Images of various ships flash across the screen, showing both traditional designs, magical elements, and things that are downright weird in a good way. 

But before players can take the helm, they have to learn the basics of space travel. To that end, WotC is releasing a series of level 1-4 adventures called Spelljammer Academy. The first is available now to D&D Beyond users, with the others arriving weekly leading up to the Spelljammer books’ debut. 

2022 ENNIE Award Voting Takes Place Next Week

The ENNIE Awards are back again to celebrate the best of this year’s TTRPGs. The winners of the people’s choice awards span the scope of design, entertainment, art, and production. 2022’s winners will be announced at Gen Con on August 5. Until then, the awards have revealed the list of nominees. Check them out here, then wait with bated breath as voting takes place from July 15-24. Best of luck to all who are nominated, and thanks for another great year of games! 

To play some of the nominees–such as Thirsty Sword Lesbians and Dune: Adventures in the Imperium–book a game today with StartPlaying!

Jul 14, 2022

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