You saw Dune Part II, you thought it was amazing, and now you need more. You don’t want to wait years for the next movie, and who knows when that cool video game will come out? You’re not alone. We have a lot of Dune fans here at StartPlaying Games too, and we’ve been cooking up something special just for you! Welcome to The Dice Must Flow Weekend. 

Whoever controls the dice controls the universe. That’s how it will be when you play Dune: Adventures in the Imperium with one of our pro Game Masters. Just like in a video game or any other tabletop RPG you’ve played before, your decisions shape the direction of the story. You can create your own Great House, be a Fremen warrior, or wield the Voice as a Bene Gesserit. Just sign up for a game between April 25 and 28 to take part in the action. 

Dune: Adventures in the Imperium is a roleplay heavy game where players maneuver around the complex intrigue of various factions. Through clever use of a character’s skills, background, and personality, they can come out on top of deadly negotiations. Of course action can break out at any moment, placing players in heated duels or escaping the giant maw of a sand worm. In these moments, skill checks see players rolling several d20s in hopes of succeeding. Meanwhile, the GM collects Threat that can be spent to introduce even more obstacles. 

For the Dice Must Flow Weekend, Adventures in the Imperium publisher Modiphius has provided two adventure choices to our GMs. Depending on who you sign up with, you might find yourself twisted up in House Atreides’ affairs or taking on the sands of Arrakis on your own. Just know that whatever you choose, our experienced GMs have chipped and shattered their blades on many sessions. They’re ready to provide a world class experience whether this is your first time playing or you’re a veteran Sardaukar. 

StartPlaying is the best place to find online TTRPG games. Our search tool introduces you to GMs with a variety of skills and play styles. You’ll find storytellers with immersive voice acting, mood setters with brilliant ambient music, masters of tactical combat, and more. Just hit up our search page to find the GM whose banner you’d like to rally behind. You don’t need to see the future to know that fun is in store. 

Apr 5, 2024

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