Here at StartPlaying, we’re all about helping our Game Masters succeed. The better equipped you are to accurately list your games and inform your players, the more secure they feel in choosing you. To that end, we have a series of guides on when to schedule games, writing great game descriptions, if you should run homebrew, and more. This time we’re going to cover your GM profile. 

How do you set your profile up? What do players look for when they’re searching for GMs? We’ll answer these questions here. So let’s start with editing your GM profile. 

First thing to note when setting up your profile is your GM link. You can use the bar at the top of the Edit GM Profile screen to change your link, which is handy if you have a brand name or want to match your YouTube/social media handle. Just don’t change it too often, preferably never, as it will break all previous instances of the link you sent to people. 

You’ll also see a version of your link that says “review.” You can, and should, send this link to people you’ve played with in person. Even friends who have never seen you on StartPlaying can use the link to leave you a review. It’s a great way to start your pro GM career with a boost. 

Personal Details is the first section you’ll see. Here is where you’ll set up your name, pronouns, and identity tags. The tags are what you can use to show if you’re BIPOC, neurodivergent, a published TTRPG writer, etc. These tags will show up right under your name on your profile. 

There’s a small checkbox under Identity Tags for toggling allowance of direct messages. If this option is off, players will only be able to DM you if they’re in your games. Your choice here essentially boils down to if you want to avoid unsolicited messages or let potential players message you to ask questions about your game. Both are valid, so the choice is yours. 

The About section is where you get to brag about your accomplishments, wax nostalgic about your first Starter Set, and generally let people know who you are. But do try to keep it to two paragraphs max. You no doubt have a lot of history and passion, but most users aren’t going to want to read a sprawling biography. Instead, stick to what you like to play and what sets you apart from other GMs

The next two parts to fill in, Discord Tag and Location, will not show up on your public profile. These are for StartPlaying’s use. Discord is so that we can contact you directly if need be, and Location allows us to get data like where the most GMs are for future initiatives. You don’t have to be specific if you prefer privacy, you can just put a state or country. 

Languages is for what languages you speak and could possibly run a game in.

Then it comes down to your profile picture. This is very important as it does a lot of work setting the tone of a first impression. One consistent piece of feedback we get from users is that they prefer profiles with faces. It gives them a sense of who they will be playing with in a way a logo or cartoon avatar can’t. So get a good picture of yourself with great lighting and a welcoming atmosphere. See here for tips on taking an awesome profile photo. The banner image is where you can put cool logos or branding. 

The GM Stats is a brief section that doesn’t need elaboration. Put how many years experience you have and what products you can share with players, such as expansion books or digital content. 

GM Style, much like About, should only be one or two paragraphs. Share the big picture details–do you run tactical combat with big maps, are you more into dramatic roleplay with cameras on, are you willing and able to kill PCs–stuff like that. Think: If you were hiring a GM, what gameplay experience would you be looking for? 

When it comes to Game Systems and Game Platforms, put what you’re actually comfortable with using regularly. Don’t feel pressured to put a big list of things you somewhat know just to look impressive. Most users want to pay an expert to run their games. If you run a system that isn’t on the list, feel free to message support so we can add it! 

Finally, we have Social and Book a GM Button. Post whatever social links you want to show up on your profile. YouTube or Twitch are useful even if you’re not a content creator. You can post clips of sessions to give prospective players a taste of how you run a session. 

A Book a GM Button shows up on your profile under your name and identifiers. This button takes users to a page where they can request your services directly. Typically, players find GMs through the public search tools. But this button allows users to request a specific game with a private table. Set your rate and time limit based on what you think that’s worth. 

And with that, you can save it all and have your profile updated! Hope this helps, and good luck! 

Oct 23, 2023
Game Masters