Pathfinder - perhaps the one tabletop RPG that comes close to the popularity of Dungeons & Dragons. That’s not to say other game systems don’t deserve more attention–they certainly do–it’s just that the D&D name carries a weight that others can’t come close to. Pathfinder, however, has managed to attract a healthy player base with its detailed rules and immense opportunity for character customization. 

Pathfinder 2nd Edition is the current ruleset. It’s a game that offers the same opportunity for hijinks as D&D but with more definitive rules. This makes it easier on Game Masters when planning well thought out encounters and for players to know exactly what their spells can do. All classes also come with a ton of customization choices at every level, giving you the ability to make a very strategic build if that’s your thing. 

So how does one get started with playing Pathfinder 2E? How do you find another group if yours collapses? Here are three ways you can start playing Pathfinder 2E online.

Join Learn To Play Pathfinder Weekend

‍Our experienced GMs here at StartPlaying run a Learn To Play Pathfinder 2E event every month! During the last weekend of the month, you’ll find special listings geared towards teaching Pathfinder 2E. Check out the event page to see what games are already up for grabs–they cover a wide range of time zones, adventure types, and experience levels. Many GMs will even prepare characters for you so you can jump right in. Some also offer an early sign-up discount so you can learn Pathfinder with a pro GM at a low price. 

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Use StartPlaying’s Search Tool To Find A Game At Any Time

Of course we all don’t have the luxury of playing games whenever we want. Work and life get in the way, so you might miss Learn To Play Pathfinder weekend. In that case, just head on over to our StartPlaying search page to find games running at any time of the month. I just so happened to prepare a link to a search right here. You’ll want to keep an eye out for games with phrases like “Learn to Play” or “Beginner Friendly” in the title. But be sure you’re starting at Level 1–starting with a higher level character in Pathfinder can be challenging. 

Check The Website For Your Local Game Shop

No surprise, but your local tabletop game store is a hub for Learn to Play events both on and offline. You can often find the schedule for these events on their website or social media, and on sites like Warhorn. One program you could ask about is Pathfinder Society. This is the official group for organized games and very much meant for welcoming new players into the fold. You'll find friendly GMs who can provide character sheetsand walk you through the basics as well as fellow players who are patient as you learn the rules. StartPlaying has a few GMs who run Pathfinder Society games. 


With these three options, you should be able to find a friendly table that will help you learn Pathfinder 2E. There is a lot to read, but a skilled GM should help you cut through the words and focus on what you need to know right away. Pretty soon, you’ll be raiding Abomination Vaults and making kings! 

Sep 8, 2023

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