GM Panopticon has been playing TTRPGs since he was 13, and has been GMing for 13 years. With a specialization in horror and suspense, Allen has experience in many different systems. But his experience goes beyond just horror. If you want a GM who builds great homebrew stories, check him out, and dive into his story in this GM Highlight!

How did you get started in TTRPGs?

I was introduced to D&D in high school by some friends and no one wanted to be the GM. So we took turns in the role and eventually, I took up the mantle of Forever GM. Now I'm in the realm of professional GMing.

What is your favorite TTRPG to run? Why?

City of Mist by Son of Oak Games is my absolute favorite system, not just because I have a game published through them, but also for the simplicity and elegance of the system. It's rules light, giving the players and the GM a wide berth to play and create while still giving the boundaries that keep things contained and controlled.

What is one of the best moments of your GMing career?

One of my games wasn't planning on going this long, but it did because my players were all excited and invested the game.  The game was given a sequel and one of the players became a partner in writing the game officially for publication. These players have been amazing friends and their help in making the game what it was has been a trip!

‚ÄćWhat is your biggest strength as a GM?

Creative force and enthusiasm for the games I write. I love writing and I want each of my games to be entertaining!

Do you ever get nervous when you GM? If you do, How do you deal with nerves?

Yes, especially with new groups or new players. With new groups I worrythat someone isn't going to enjoy themselves or that there won't be chemistry with the group. With new players, I fear they will pick up my bad habits as a player. To handle my nerves, I take a few deep breaths, get focused on the game, and make sure everyone has fun.

What is your best advice for new players?

Keep playing! Sometimes, you'll find groups you don't mesh with or just fall apart. Don't be discouraged! Keep trying for groups or even start your own. The memories you gain from the games you play and the stories you create can last a lifetime.

Where do you gather your inspiration from?

Music and mythology. Music has always been a big driving force in my life and the stories of the past can breath life into a game.

‚ÄćWhat is one GM lesson you wish you had learned earlier?

Be humble and accept that you make mistakes. I made a lot of them and I held myself back by not accepting them.

If you want to see more from GM Allen, check out his StartPlaying profile or his Facebook page!

Nov 18, 2022
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