No need to roll for investigation, readers, as another week of tabletop RPG news is right here for your reading pleasure! Here at StartPlaying Games, we break down the biggest stories of the past seven days and deliver them in one handy article. This week, we got a bunch of new Dimension 20 show announcements. Dungeons & Dragons previewed its upcoming Planescape player options and its Minecraft promotion. Finally, the upcoming Zack Snyder movie Rebel Moon is caught in the crossfire with Netflix over TTRPG rights. 

Dimension 20 Brings The Bad Kids Back For Junior Year

via: Dimension 20

To celebrate Dimension 20’s five-year anniversary, the company behind it made a few big announcements. First, it is dropping the College Humor name in favor of just being Dropout. The brand feels it has moved beyond the sketch format that used to be its claim to fame, with Dimension 20 being a particular flagship show. Perhaps going back to those roots, Dimension 20 announced Fantasy High: Junior Year. The Bad Kids will return for this third season in January 2024. Also announced was a second season of Dungeons & Drag Queens and something called Dimension 20: Never Stop Blowing Up.

D&D Reaches For Younger Audience With Minecraft Crossover

via: WotC

D&D is all about the crossovers recently as it continues to build its mainstream media status. Next up is a Minecraft partnership that begins with the release of a D&D DLC for the Minecraft video game. Players can choose from four D&D classes and explore Minecraft versions of iconic locations like Icewind Dale. Meanwhile, in the real world, D&D Beyond released a free kid-friendly adventure for 5e. Players will bring 3rd-level characters to an abandoned fortress filled with Minecraft monsters. The adventure states that it is meant to be easy-to-run and great for teaching children how to play D&D. 


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Planescape Player Options Revealed

via: D&D Beyond

The soon-to-be-released book Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse will contain a trio of books for DM guidance, player options, monster stat blocks, and an adventure module. A new video previewed the player options, which mostly center around feats that tie your character to one of the planes. Two backgrounds can make you a Gate Warden or Planar Philosopher, giving you a strong hook to the idea of crossover between planes. The Scion of the Outer Planes feat grants damage resistance and a cantrip based on your connection to worlds of Evil, Good, or something else entirely. 


Evil Genius Games Suing Netflix Over Rebel Moon

via: Netflix

Evil Genius Games announced that it is suing Netflix over the cancellation of its Rebel Moon TTRPG. The upcoming movie from director Zack Snyder is set to debut on Netflix in December and, while it has heavy Star Wars influence, is meant to be its own original universe. Evil Genius published a website detailing its side of the story. It says that a Player’s Guide and Game Master’s Guide are complete and playable, along with a 228 page World Bible that expands on Snyder’s vision. 

Netflix allegedly canceled the game along with its connected contract as well as claimed rights over the IP in order to take Evil Genius’ work. Evil Genius is thus suing Netflix over this breach of contract, both to get compensation for its work and to allow release of the Rebel Moon game.


That brings this week’s news to a close! Hopefully things work out for Evil Genius and we get to see their work released soon. As for fans of Planescape and Dimension 20, things are looking bright! 

Sep 28, 2023
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