Thanks for joining us for another roundup of tabletop RPG news! We’re in that period where it’s mostly announcements for next year and last-minute bargains for next year. There are exciting things to come and even some freebies up for grabs, so let’s not waste any time getting to the stories! This week we have potential dates for D&D’s big 2024 rule change, Shadowrun reviving its first edition, and TTRPG advent calendars with daily deals. Any of that interest you? Read on. 

Dungeons & Dragons Shares May Release Date For New Rulebooks, Then Pulls The Date

via: WotC Twitter

The team behind D&D shared some of its big 50th anniversary plans at PAX Unplugged over the past weekend. The announcements were livestreamed and posted to social media, including release dates for some major books. The dates were quickly pulled, however, for unknown reasons. We were among the many who saw the release dates, which were: 

- May 21 for 2024 Edition Core Rulebooks and Vecna: Eve of Ruin 

- July 16 for Quests from the Infinite Staircase 

Now the promo images are posted with no release dates attached. The dates might have been tentative, incorrect, or just not meant to be shared yet. 

MCDM RPG Smashes Crowdfunding Goals

MCDM Productions launched the BackerKit campaign for its own TTRPG and absolutely blew past its funding goal within hours. BackerKit itself confirmed that it was the biggest first day ever on the platform. The campaign sits at over 2 million as of this writing with 27 days left to go. The game itself seems to take inspiration from D&D 4E and Powered by the Apocalypse, emphasizing action and simplicity over resource management.

Shadowrun First Edition To Get Reprint 

via: Catalyst Game Labs

Catalyst Game Labs announced a reprint for the very first edition of Shadowrun at Pax Unplugged. This comes 35 years after the first edition rules were released and with the game now in its sixth edition. The reprint will have the same cover art and looks to be coming in hardcover form. No release date or price has been given at this time. 

Play Shadowrun With A Pro GM!

Dungeons & Dragons Stamps Revealed For 2024

via: USPS

The United States Postal service unveiled its upcoming batch of special stamp themes for 2024. At the top of the list is D&D. There will be 10 stamp designs based on existing art from various D&D books. Popular characters like Tiamat and Drizzt Do’Urden made the cut as did iconic scenarios like a lich battle and handling a potion. The stamps were designed by Greg Breeding of USPS and are meant to celebrate D&D’s 50th. No doubt they are the first of many commercial products that will be released to celebrate the occasion. 

WotC Teases Collaboration With Sci-Fi Video Game RPG

The official Dungeons & Dragons Twitter account responded to a Tweet about a new sci-fi video game called Exodus. The Exodus account released a cinematic trailer to announce the game, which is an action-adventure RPG made by veterans of BioWare. The D&D account mentioned "entering a new universe" and the WotC logo is present on the Exodus website. It strongly hints at an Exodus TTRPG, but WotC clearly wants us to watch cloesly to see if that's the case.

TTRPG Advent Calendars Bring Discounts And Freebies 

via: D&D Beyond

As we count down to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and all other winter holidays, TTRPG publishers want your gift money. They’re busting out the sales to get it, and the advent calendar with daily featured deals is becoming a more popular format. D&D Beyond is continuing the tradition until December 24. So far, it’s been discounts on lifestyle products like coffee and clothing with one awesome dice deal.

Kobold Press is doing its own ADVENTure Calendar. Every Monday and Thursday spotlight a free product while Tuesday and Friday give discounts on hardcovers or bundles for books such as Tome of Beasts 3: Lairs. The ADVENture Calendar will go until Dec. 22. 

That’s all for this week! Hopefully some of this helps out your shopping plans. If you still need that perfect gift for your GM or table, check out our massive gift guide! See you next week, and may your dice be kind.

Dec 7, 2023
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