It’s time for your weekly dose of tabletop RPG news! Every week, we bring you the brief breakdown of the biggest stories in the hobby. This time around, there’s some very interesting happenings to report. TTRPGs are continuing to grow outside of just playing the games. The connection to video games deepens as an iconic franchise announced its own TTRPG, Kobold Press released its take on Dark Souls, independent journalism for TTRPGs leveled up, and D&D set plans to go (Off) Broadway. 

Dungeons & Dragons Opens Interactive Off-Broadway Show This Spring

via: Curious Hedgehog

A D&D ‚Äúlive theatrical experience‚ÄĚ called Twenty-Sided Tavern will roll initiative in NYC this year. On April 19 in previews, to be precise, with the opening announced for May 5. The venue will be Stage 42, a large Off Broadway venue near Times Square. This is an official production, marking an interesting experiment for Hasbro.¬†

The show itself appears to be a live-play where audiences can affect the story by voting via an app. Audience members can also be called onstage to take part in games like trivia and ‚ÄúFantasy Beer Pong.‚ÄĚ Tickets will be available to the public on March 4, but you can sign up for February 29 presale on the official website.¬†

Tomb Raider TTRPG Is Coming From Evil Hat

via: Evil Hat

Tomb Raider joins the ranks of video games with a TTRPG adaptation with Tomb Raider: Shadows of Truth, due to hit crowdfunding sometime in 2025. Evil Hat Productions is in charge, and the system appears to be based on Powered by the Apocalypse. There will be both Team Playbooks as well as individual sheets for roles like Crafter, Hunter, and Companion. The team will be contemporaries of Lara Croft who work to save artifacts from evil forces. Those interested can sign up for the impending playtest, as well as claim a celebratory discount code for other Evil Hat games.

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Rascal Is A Writer-Owned TTRPG News And Culture Outlet

via: Rascal

Three notable writers in the TTRPG news and critic space - Lin Codega, Rowan Zeoli, and Chase Carter - have teamed up to launch a new website. Rascal is the name, and it’s completely worker-owned and subscriber supported. The idea is that culture journalism often turns into a game of reaching for clicks while also being sanitized enough to get ad revenue. The trio behind Rascal instead envision a platform that can cover everything from big game news to indie labor efforts. Those wanting sincere, knowledgeable, and deep writing about TTRPGs should check it out. 

Kobold Press Releases Soulslike Roleplaying, Or Elden Ring For 5E

via: Kobold Press

We already saw an Elden Ring boss made for D&D 5E, so why not an entire set of Soulslike rules? That’s exactly what Sebastian Rombach and Kobold Press presented this week. The Soulslike Roleplaying supplement is now available for $3.99 as a PDF. Its 15 pages contain options for having more deadly combat, items like the refilling health potion, bonfires, and of course dying and reviving repeatedly.  


With that, this week’s news is done! Thanks for reading! Whether you’re playing a fun silly game or getting into deadly Dark Souls combat, may your dice be kind.

Feb 22, 2024
Tabletop Gaming News

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