This week in tabletop gaming’s biggest happenings: Dungeons & Dragons revealed the cover art for its new rulebook, Adventure Time 5E joins the $1M club, and One More Multiverse shuts down.

Here at StartPlaying Games, we offer the services of professional Game Masters running sessions on your schedule. But we also take time every week to break down the biggest news stories in TTRPGs. So here are the three biggest events to keep an eye on this week. 

DnD Player's Handbook Cover Art Throws It Back To Greyhawk 

The classic sword-and-sorcery setting Greyhawk is getting more focus in One DnD (or DnD 2024, or DnD 5.5). It will feature as a sample setting in the new Dungeon Master’s Guide as an example of how to develop your own campaign, reports Game Informer. Several heroes of Greyhawk also feature on the cover art for the 2024 Player’s Handbook, interposed between a red and gold dragon. Other tidbits revealed include playable Aasimar in the Player’s Handbook, 75 feats, and more vampire variations in the upcoming 2025 Monster Manual.

Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game Passes $1 Million on Kickstarter

via: Kickstarter

The official Adventure Time TTRPG ended its Kickstarter campaign with over $1.5M. This puts it in the ranks of Avatar: The Last Airbender, MCDM, and Tales of the Valiant. While you can still make late pledges on the Kickstarter page, the initial crowdfunding period ended by going well past its $100,000 goal. Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game became notable last year after it ditched its own “Yes, And” system for a 5E variant. Many bemoaned the move as more evidence of DnD’s stranglehold on the hobby, but there’s no doubt it paid off for Adventure Time publisher Cryptozoic. 

One More Multiverse VTT Shuts Down In 90 Days

via: One More Multiverse

The ambitious, gorgeous virtual tabletop platform One More Multiverse announced that it will shut down in 90 days. In a heartfelt community letter, the developers admitted that the platform was not sustainable. With over 4,000 assets, One More Multiverse gave users animated pixel versions of their characters and a menagerie of iconic fantasy creatures to populate colorful settings. They even partnered with games like Humblewood and Blades in the Dark. Users now have 90 days to save their characters before the servers shut down. 

And with that sad news, this week’s edition of StartPlaying TTRPG news is finished. Our hearts go out to the One More Multiverse staff; may you soon find new work. As for everyone playing this weekend, have fun and may your dice be kind.

May 15, 2024
Tabletop Gaming News