The creators behind the all-trans, POC-led Dungeons & Dragons show TransplanarRPG are closing out AAPI Heritage month with a stacked slate of diverse content. Over three days, May 26-28, the channel will host 10 streams under the banner of ROLL FOR SOLIDARITY: Uplifting Black and Asian Creatives in TTRPGs. From panels on the nuances of playing evil PCs to an exciting D&D one-shot about an escort mission gone awry, there's something for everyone and it all raises money for a great cause.

To watch all of the streams, head over to Transplanar's Twitch channel. The ROLL FOR SOLIDARITY event features 43 creators of color presenting seven panels and three one-shots spread out from Thursday to Saturday. Their collective donation goal is $5000 which will be given to two charities: a mental health and fresh food fund by Colored Girls Bike Too + Black Love Resists in the Rust, and Asian Sisters Participating in Reaching Excellence (ASPIRE). As of this writing, they are 30% towards their goal.

Here's a quick breakdown of the events, which can be found live on Twitch and as VODs once they're already aired.


Event #1 is called "Trans Joy Is Revolutionary," and it's a panel about the revolutionary and artistic power of celebrating transness when playing TTRPGs.

Event #2 has the very intriguing name "It's Our Villain Arc," and is a panel about reclaiming villainhood, playing morally gray PCs, and creating complex characters as POC.

Event #3 takes the focus in a different direction with "SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS," which will discuss playing, watching, and celebrating sports and athletic hobbies as people of color.

Event #4 is the first actual play stream, a KIDS ON BIKES one-shot about teens investigating the Lady in White of Swanshores Creek, expect mystery and hijinks in a sleepy town that attracts supernatural phenomena.

Event #5 is a panel called "Making It Personal," and will go into the ways Asians and Asian-Americans can use their varied cultural backgrounds to influence their storytelling and TTRPG work.

Event #6 will delve into the "Mythologies of Color," how one might use the stories of their culture in TTRPGs and homebrew worlds that draw upon their backgrounds.

Event #7 is a panel entitled "Our Voices, Our Stories", on the liberating power of "Own Voices" stories through one's work and performance as POC.

Event #8 will be "Don't Be the Monster," a panel about running horror games, building tension, and staying safe as creators of color in TTRPGs.

Event #9 brings superhero action with a MASKS: A NEW GENERATION one-shot about superpowered teens choosing between good and evil -- while also juggling adolescence.

Event #10 ends the event with a D&D one-shot about six heroes escorting a noble to an embassy amid rising political tensions.

ROLL FOR SOLIDARITY: Uplifting Black and Asian Creatives in TTRPGs is already live, so go check it out! Each and every event is a wonderful celebration of creators of color in the community, and a great chance to donate to worthy causes.

May 27, 2022
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