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About me

I have been playing TTRPGs for 30 years and have experience running a variety of systems. My Favorites are Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, D&D, All Flesh Must Be Eaten and Kids on Bikes. Growing up I was a proper geek. I started a Hero Quest club when I was 9 and had two sessions a week, one for the juniors who were all in my year at school and one for the seniors who were one or two years older than me. I wrote my first dungeon-crawler RPG at age 11 and used to pen my own choose-your-own-adventure stories. In my teens I got really into RPGs and never looked back! I remember sitting in on my big brother's D&D sessions when I was about 8 and the magic of those moments have never left me. It is this magic that I try to recreate in every session - the sense of adventure and the limitless possibilities! Player agency is very important to me, we are telling this story together, I want you to feel immersed in the world and feel that your actions matter and have tangible consequences. I am very inclusive and can fit the theme and style of the game to suit your needs.

GM style

As a blogger, writing is my strength which is why I offer Play-By-Post games. Not only does PbP eliminate the scheduling issue, but as a group we will be able to weave an immersive story rich in roleplay, with considered responses and detailed desriptions which really bring the game to life! I run Play-by-Post games which allows both myself and my players to go really deep in to the roleplaying with considered responses. As a writer, I am able to create vivid worlds and enthralling stories with you at the centre. I am inclusive and empathetic and able to create safe spaces for everyone to express themselves. I am happy running homebrew or existing modules and I am able to tailor the experience to your expectations. I always include a session 0 where we make sure everyone is comfortable with the upcoming content. With asynchronistic PbP games, the expectation is that everyone checks in and posts at least once per day to keep the story going, and the party will set the pace. I welcome new and experienced players as long as everyone is out to have fun and be kind to each other!


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