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About me

GM Reel: “Khitan cares. I literally cannot stress this enough. Highly, highly recommended.” - Bones “Once in the game it was clear right away that he is an amazing storyteller, everything had been thought out, and as players we were in very safe hands.” - Jessica “Khitan is great at coming up with inventive, natural characters and supports players in doing the same. I've played RPGs for 20 years and Khitan still managed to surprise me at the table. I couldn't recommend him more!” - Peter the Beholder Hey there! I'm so glad you're here! What? You want to know something about me? Of course! Let me tell you a story... or two... or three! I've been playing and running games since I can remember. I stumbled onto D&D almost by chance, I saw a nice-looking book in a store and I bought it. Of course I fell in love. Who wouldn't, right? From that moment on, I spent most of my life playing and running games, creating storylines, and fantasizing about the next adventure. This was about twenty years ago. Since then I never stopped. And I don't intend to! It's not just D&D, I want to run so many games, from the least-known indies to the other rpg giants. I love them all. I want to create great stories with amazing players! If you want to experience this journey with me, I promise you'll have an unforgettable time! I use advanced tools to give my players incredible immersive sessions. Animated maps, breath-taking atmospheric scenes, special effects, streamlined automation for combat... the whole package! Every little detail of my games is curated with painstaking attention. From pictures for every npc you’ll meet, to grandiose scenes with moving lights and special effects. I use Foundry VTT to its fullest, leveraging everything this powerful virtual tabletop can offer to give my players the best experience they can have and help them get into their characters without worrying about anything else! But high production quality is not all I offer. Whether we’re playing a pre-made module, a custom adventure, or a one-shot, I’ll incorporate your character’s backstory, hopes, dreams, and fears into the storyline. The spotlight always shines on the characters: they are the heroes, the protagonists of the story. With me, you will face deadly threats, deeply emotional and hard choices, cinematic action scenes, and worlds filled with wonder and excitement. I encourage players to go with their crazy plans, and their heroic ideas, and to delve deep into what pushes their characters into the adventure. So what are you waiting for? Come and check out one of my games!

GM style

Profound themes: players choices are hard and meaningful. Live exciting and breath-taking emotional moments. Navigate in the moral complexities and shades of gray of a real living world. My villains don't want to destroy all life for the sake of it. My heroes aren't pure hearted paladins of justice and good. Whenever you roll initiative, it's a serious business. The stakes are high, the rewards even higher. Whether you're fighting a bunch of silly goblins or an all powerful witch, every encounter is challenging and complex. Fight against environmental hazards and powerful foes. Risk your life for different goals than just "kill everything". When you're not making hard choices or fighting for your life, you'll interact with the world in a cinematic experience. Climb mountains under the constant threat of avalanches. Steer your ship in a maelstrom. Escape an ever-burning forest or fight with wits and cutting words in a debate for your very soul. I don't do small. But the main focus will always be you! It's not my story that needs to be told, it's yours and it will always be yours!


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