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About me

Hi, I’m Elwood, a veteran RPG player and GM, Played ttrpgs since the 80’s, mostly as a GM. I have always seen my role as a GM is to keep all my players entertained and engaged. I have plenty of experience dealing with players entirely new to the hobby, so, you will be in a safe pair of hands if you are just starting out with ttrpg’s or if you have just simply never played any of the games I offer before. [don’t worry, I’ll have you up and running in no time]. I like to add personality to all my characters, both as a player and a GM. I love storytelling. I am also trained in acting, so I like to think my delivery is pretty good. Very comfortable running long term sprawling sand box campaigns. But I will happily run one-shots and mini campaigns as well. I’m a friendly, easy going GM, who will play fast and loose with rules if that’s what makes the game fun for my players [does not mean I’ll always go easy on you, play your character like a fool, and I will let them die]. I offer: Runequest Roleplaying in Glorantha [RQG], Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, Call of Cthulhu [7th ed] Cyberpunk Red / Cyberpunk 2020 EZD6 [With a choice of world settings, fantasy or otherwise] DUNE : Adventures in the Imperium [Modiphius] Stormbringer [BRP] [AKA: Elric! , Magic World] Basic Roleplaying [BRP] Star Wars [WEST END GAMES] Harn, Harnworld [though not actually using Harnmaster system] And more…. I’m happy to run any of the systems I have listed, but I have most experience with Call of Cthulhu, Runequest, Warhammer fantasy role-play, and Cyberpunk Red/2020 Having said that, I am willing and able to custom-build a campaign of any genre, any multi-genre, or genre-bending concept you have in mind. Whether inspired by film, tv, literature or by some weird dream you had the other night. I can make this using either a stable ruleset-toolkit namely BRP [Basic Roleplaying, used for Call of Cthulhu amongst others] for a more gritty ‘realistic feel’ or go for a more fluid cinematic or storytelling approach using Quest Worlds [which is super rules light]. I look forward to meeting new players [old or young] and have some fun adventures together. “When it comes to tabletop role-playing games, If you are having fun, you are winning”

GM style

I like to keep things fun and relaxed, but immersive. I think story is more important than rule systems, so emphasis tends to lean more on character development and plot, than on min maxing and character grinding. I’ll always pitch players into situations that should feel challenging but not impossible. I like sandbox gaming and love to allow players to wander a town, city or wilderness, rather than funnelling them into the “story/adventure” too much. I like to keep a fun, relaxed and safe table. So please respect the sensibilities of other players. “fun is more important than rules”


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