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About me

Looking for adventure? Excitement? Want a knowledgeable game master who cheers when you succeed and encourages you to do whatever ridiculous idea comes to mind? Then look no further! I've been running ttrpgs for 7 years now - both privately and on my twitch channel. I've worked with all kinds of players, and all kinds of games. The thing that makes me happiest as a GM is seeing my players have fun, and telling a thrilling story from start to finish. Whether it's running a game for a party of high-minded adventurers looking to save the world, or a gang of morally ambiguous criminals carrying out deals in neon-lit, seedy nightclubs, I've done it all at this point. Player-first, story-driven campaigns are where I thrive, but if you're looking for some gritty, tactical, and engaging combat encounters, I can deliver on that too. My goal is to give my players what they need - at a safe and friendly table. I've run many different systems, and I love learning new ones. I feel most comfortable running D&D 5e, Powered by the Apocalypse based games (Monster of the Week, MASKS, Apocalypse World). Recently, I've also run Parselings, Dragon Age, and Good Society. The story I'm telling is always paramount to the system, and I'm willing to learn any new system I need to deliver my the players the game they desire. So, if this all sounds like something you'd enjoy, and you're a friendly and open-minded person looking to tell a good story, reach out to me! I'd be happy to facilitate that story for you. I run most of my games using Role and Roll20, and utilize discord and Zoom for video and audio. I'm never against rolling some good-old, physical math-rocks either.

GM style

I run story-driven games by default. I encourage my players to develop their character's story and motivations both up front and over the course of play. Two sentence backstory? Ten page backstory? Either works for me. My style of GMing is performative - I use character voices, epilogues, cliff-hangers, and other narrative devices to make the content engaging. Above all else, however, I let my players drive the story. I rarely say no to an idea, even if it means tweaking my own plans. My desire is to be my player's biggest fans, and to encourage them to succeed. I like to get to know my players and their characters and give them what they need to get the best out of the game. I typically play combat pretty loose, as grids and measurements can make a game seem less epic and take away some freedom to go wild. However, depending on the system, I will also run some crunchy, tactical combat if that's where my players thrive.


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