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About me

Peering deep into the past you see a young boy in corduroy pants sliding a red box off of a shelf in a wood-paneled living room. He stares at the dragon on the front cover of the box and asks, "What's this, it looks SOOOOO COOOOL!" Hi, I'm Tash (he/him) and I've been running and playing D&D since the early 80s. I have experience running every edition of D&D as well many other TTRPGs like Shadowrun, Ars Magica, Paranoia... In addition to the above, I've also played in World of Darkness games, East Texas University, Monster of the Week, Call of Cthulhu, and several others... I run a fun, friendly, and inclusive table with dynamic and engaging tactical combat as well as character-driven stories. I bring 40yrs of DMing experience, a well-stocked DnDBeyond Shared Campaign to create your characters in, and a highly tuned FoundryVTT tabletop environment with beautifully detailed and immersive maps. D&D is for Everyone, come join the fun!

GM style

While I really enjoy well-balanced and dramatic tactical combats, they are not the only way to solve problems and advance the story. Clever characters in my games can find ways around or out of combat situations, and can use skills to great effect. Folks who enjoy tactical combat can expect dynamic and fast-paced combats with plenty of white-knuckle excitement. Players are encouraged to engage with the world and provide detailed backstories that I can integrate into the story we're all telling together. The more involved you are with your character, the more rewarding the experience will be for everyone. While I'm not a professional voice-actor, I try (sometimes badly!) to add flavor to NPCs and make them memorable. I have a few house-rules around identifying monsters, inspiration points, healing, and falling unconscious to keep things more lively in combat. There are all clearly documented, and if the table decides they don't make the game better we toss them.

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