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Xavier (DollarDnD)

3 years on StartPlaying

About me

Hey all! I'm Xavier and I run DollarDnD. I also work for one of the most prolific names in D&D 5e (I can't say who, but just ask me in one of my games ;) ) I started with a psychology degree, then masters degree... then went on to be a professor... then I decided... this is boring. I want to roam dungeons and kill dragons instead! I broke out of the monotonous to the adventurous life I always wanted. That is exactly what I aim to do for every single one of my players. Roleplaying games are the best escape from the world, jumping into a realm where you can do whatever you like and be whoever you want... step into the roles of a hero and save the world... or stay silent amongst the group before revealing yourself to be the true villain... what a thrilling ride! Unlike the limitations of a video game, D&D allowed me to explore vast territories that only were limited by my imagination. I quickly became immersed in world building and monster creation, so I founded DollarDnD! This wasn't enough though, I wanted to hear the excitement of players as they solved the mystery behind the Carnival of Cannibals! I wanted to hear the gasps as they realized why Santa Clause was murdered in the Ebenezer one-shot. And, I wanted to hear the shock as monsters were unleashed in The Cottage in the Forest... So I started hosting games online! Thank you so much StartPlaying! I can't wait to run a game for you and your friends. Check out my website for a ton of free content:

GM style

I focus my GM Style on character development. Your character is unique to you and deserves the spotlight as much as any other character. I spend time and dedication making sure that every player is heard and each opinion is voiced. I am not a rules lawyer, if there is a debate on a ruling, we will find a solution in less than a minute so that the story can progress. I don't railroad my players, some of the best stories have come from a player-created villain and/or mission. I don't condone bullying or an unwelcoming environment. I take care of my players by making sure no one feels uncomfortable and that everyone feels like they can reach out to me to remedy any situation that may arise. Aside from the logistical aspects of a GM, I also spend a lot of time crafting maps, adding psychological profiles to my NPCs and lots of driving time working on my voices. I aim to be eccentric, enthusiastic, and really make every NPC pop off the screen. Roleplaying games should be fun and I aim to make it a fun and welcoming environment that everyone can enjoy!

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