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Nathaniel Kreiman
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Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, Knows the Rules

About me

Official Writer/Designer for MCDM Productions (check out Strongholds & Followers, Arcadia, and their upcoming Flee, Mortals!), bachelor's in Communication Studies with a focus on small group communication from the University of Washington, and over a decade running tabletop RPGs. I'm a narrative-heavy GM with deep rules knowledge, and a healthy understanding of when to bend them! My favorite things are to stir what my players give me into the main story of the campaign, and those wild moments where the whole table smiles wide. I've a strong knowledgebase of the rules, but I'm also flexible and adaptable, able to roll with any punch you throw at me—there's no rails where we're going! With over a decade of experience running TTRPGs, I've game mastered for live actual play shows for years now. I've played heavy tactical, to soap opera, to comedic romps, to deep character exploration. Every game of every style deserves a fun narrative through line to underscore the game. My favorite games to run are D&D 5e, Fabula Ultima, Blades in the Dark, and Quest, but I'm also a rules-text devourer. I love to learn new systems and introduce them to my groups. As a freelance writer and rules editor who focuses on player-facing options and monster design, I can make your wild homebrew character concept a reality! Stemming from my communication degree, safety is the foundation of every one of my games. I highly prioritize open lines of communication and want us all to have a great time playing a game that's fun for everyone at the table.

GM style

I am, above all else, communicative, adaptable and inclusive. I want to learn what fun means for each person at the table, and give it to them, in a comfortable way to everyone involved. What do I find fun? Well, I like to meet a game where it places itself first. My philosophy is the same for GMing that it is for dance: know the rules so you know when (and how) to break them! I really love every facet of the genre: from "we didn't touch the dice all session!" RP to counting squares crunchy tactics, and everything in between. I like every game I play to have a narrative through line, but I also believe that mechanics inspire some of the best narrative moments. Rollplay vs Roleplay is a false separation. I, love, both! My games are explicitly Femme/Nonbinary, POC, Disabled, and LGBTQ+ inclusive, and discrimination along those lines isn't welcome at my tables or in my worlds. If you'd like an example of my GMing, check out: Click on Quest: The Soaring City!


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