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About me

TTRPG Player for 20 Years I cut my teeth on the 3rd Edition (not 3.5) of Dungeons and Dragons before looking backwards to B/X, Homes, and Red Box. I have run games in all Editions of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder 1e, Mini-Six, WEG's Open6 Space, OVA 2nd Edition, Volcanic Legends, and a lot more. I am an old man who knows the value of time and a quick game so focusing on that is what I will do.

GM style

I have been told I am great with voices ... As I have never heard myself from another's ear I cannot verify the truth of that statement. I am a shifting GM who attempts to describe and set the mood early in the game and when it is important. However, outside of that I believe in quicky, breezy descriptions. When it comes to combat I am far more theatre of the mind than tacticial and will reward quick thinking and wit more than strict adherance to the grid.

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