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About me

My name is Cliff, but I generally go by Oginme when on-line. I started playing Dungeons and Dragons 42 years ago and DMed my first game 2 years later. With 5th edition, I have become a forever DM which suits me well. Outside of DnD, I read or listen to books on a wide variety of subjects, raise LaMancha dairy goats, and brew my own beer. Previously, I spent 26 years in the paper industry, and 18 years doing product development in a variety of fields. I very much enjoy working cooperatively with my DnD players to create unique stories and fun memories. Currently, I run three campaigns, two of which have been running for over 2 years. In joining, I am looking to support my D&D habit and expand the number of people with which I can enjoy storytelling.

GM style

My DMing style is a focus on character driven story building. I can run games from heavy role-playing to dungeon crawls depending upon the players’ preferences. Additionally, I create interesting exploration whether it is crashing through the jungle or winding a path through stacks of books in a library. I do use voices for my NPCs and enjoy coming up with quirky, memorable characters to interact with the players. I am the biggest fan of the player characters while challenging them to become the heroes they were destined to be. I ensure that all the players have their voice in the story we create and enjoy the game we play together. If you are looking for a unique, custom campaign, my on-going campaigns are home brewed and based upon character backstories and actions. If you are interested in a unique, customized campaign, message me.

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