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Nick B
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About me

Hello Adventurers! I've been playing and GMing TTRPGs since 2008 when I fell in love with D&D. I'm a trained actor and singer from NYC currently residing on the west coast. I'm one of the hosts of The Nerd Expansion Podcast, where we talk to people about their passions and help shaping the definition of what it means to be a NERD. I have experience with D&D 3.5, 4e, 5e, Savage worlds and Pathfinder. I want to connect with other players and spread my love of roleplaying. To me, TTRPGs are collaborative storytelling, plain and simple. As a group we will create a story through Character development, battles, decision making and fun. I will provide all the building blocks to get you comfortable with game mechanics and character creation so you can sit back and just have a great time discovering what the story truly is for YOU

GM style

-I love roleplaying: Getting into character, Back stories, Voices welcomed (but not required). Haggling, creating meaningful moments. Binding each character to the story through Development with motivations. -Epic Cutscenes: Just because we're using our imaginations, doesn't mean it has to be bland. Through narrative description and integration of locales and character personality I enjoy weaving moments in the story to give the feeling of a bigger world and future challenges to come -City and Dungeon crawls: The foundation of TTRPGS is not only roleplay, but exploration. Traveling to exotic locals, small towns in need of help and the depths of the darkest dungeons. Bring your torches and some rope, you're probably gonna need it -Skill challenges: Letting each Player character feel heroic in situations of adversity by utilizing each persons strengths to the benefit of the whole group. Homebrew skill challenges to bring the group together and feel as cinematic as possible -Dynamic battles: Lets be real, we all brought swords and spells because well, Battling in D&D is just super fun. I like creating enemies and situations that will challenge players in an interesting way. Monsters AND players can have homebrew abilities changing the flow of the game. Also open to any player choices during battle as well to add flair and personalization to each move -Non Player Characters to remember: Through my years of Acting I create a diverse group of characters and creatures in your world to interact with. May include: Accents, Goofy facial expressions, comedy, tragedy, action AND MUCH MORE


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