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About me

Hi there, I’ve been running Dungeons & Dragons 5e sessions or 3 years. To me D&D is a chance to take a break from the real world for a while, getting a chance to some you normally don’t. My job is to facilitate that process, providing an adventure that is as exciting and fun as possible for everyone. Many players come to me because they are fed up with sessions being cancelled and/or campaigns breaking down after only a few sessions. You want to have a fun time on a regular, consistent basis! To this end, I offer well organised, reliable sessions players can count on. Sessions are run weekly, 3hr duration. The most important thing in D&D is a good group dynamic...everyone having fun together, as a collective.

GM style

I prefer story and natural interaction over mechanics, the rules are there to facilitate the adventure not dictate it. The adventures I run have a good mix of combat and roleplay. I like to provide players plenty of opportunity to role play and connect whilst also engaging in ample combat. As a DM I am more RAW (“Rules As Written”) and lean into RAI (“Rules As Intended). I will tweak and adapt rules and/or module content if it makes things more enjoyable. My aim is for sessions to be as free flowing as possible with a good energy and momentum. If there is in-game ambiguity I will make a call at the time to maintain the flow of the game and then review out of game, clarifying a final decision in time for the next session. I run official D&D 5e campaign materials supplemented with additional maps. Audio is used to enhance atmosphere, combat, and roleplay interactions and NPCs are given their own unique voices also, adding greater depth and flavour to their character. Games are run using AboveVTT, D&D Beyond character sheets and Discord for audio. Each group gets its own channels to talk and chat between games. New or experienced players and those just coming back to D&D, learning 5th Edition rules are all welcome. The best way to learn is to play. I also provide responsive support in and out of game support helping with rules clarification, character creation & background etc. Players can choose Standard Array or Point Buy for ability scores. Leveling is milestone so you don't have to track XP. Please don't make UA or homebrew characters, evil characters, or races and classes from other worlds than the one we’re playing in. No player vs player violence or stealing from the party members. Games are conducted in English.

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