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Bryon Spahn
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Bryon Spahn

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About me

DM/GM for over 2 decades with experience in multiple systems like D&D (Multiple Editions), Pathfinder 1&2e, Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu, Fantasy/Dragon AGE, and many more. VTT and in-person friendly. I have tons of VTT Resources as well as plenty of tools to run immersive in-person games. I am the host of RolePlay Network on Twitch and Youtube and am happy to either record, or stream your session if you would like.

GM style

I am highly improvisational and tend to lay out multiple elements of a potential story to my players and allow them to take it in whatever direction they wish. I am not against running canned adventures but prefer more free form styles and to let the story develop organically. I would say that I am relatively even in terms of story to combat depending on the system and the length of the campaign but am flexible based on the preference of the individual groups.


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