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Hello! My name is Delphina, and I am a butch, autistic metalhead who loves tabletop roleplaying games! I've been playing and GMing for about 6 years now, and I can't get enough of it. My degree is in accounting, but don't let that scare you: it just means that my worldbuilding is often hilariously detailed (and kept in excel spreadsheets)! I love roleplaying most of all for its capacity to emotionally connect people and tell unique stories that couldn't be told in any other medium. I run my games primarily using theatre of the mind, I believe that the best combat is dramatic and emotional, and I love love love writing and playtesting homebrew content. If that sounds up your alley, then let's put on some tunes and start a game together!

GM style

I typically run my D&D 5e games almost entirely RAW but with the occasional caveat of Rule of Cool when the sourcebooks give vague answers. I've run other systems in the past, like Pathfinder 1e and Shadowrun 5e, but I don't consider myself an expert in those like I do D&D 5e, and my goal is to provide you only the best experience that I can. That said, within RAW 5e mechanics, homebrew content is my specialty! I pride myself on writing material that feels at home in the system and doesn't feel clunky or out of place. I have included quite a bit of custom content into my base pricing, but I am also totally willing to give you a quote for more ambitious requests! I love roleplay and I do voices as often as I can. I love watching player characters grow and change with their experiences, and I make sure that the world around them does just the same. I'm not a visual artist, so I use maps and tokens strictly for function over form, and use theatre of the mind for all of the fun details. My approach to combat is meticulous and detailed, but my focus is on using it to further the narrative first and foremost. Light-hearted fable or grim quest, the triumph over evil should feel like an accomplishment! My campaigns tend to be rather fast-paced, without a lot of downtime or filler. I'm always willing to slow things down for the sake of explanation or teaching, but I also won't be wasting your time with long-winded detours or shopping sessions. You came to adventure, and adventure you shall! All that said, I'm always willing to be flexible and work with my players, but keep in mind that these are my strengths and preferences. I want you to have the best experience with tabletop roleplay that you can, and I will never take on a request where I can't provide reasonable assurance to the quality I will provide to you.

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