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About me

Tabletop roleplaying has long been a passion of mine ever since I had a copy of call of cthulhu thrust upon me at the age of 13. At the time I had no idea what I was getting myself into, this whole new world of gaming that was about to reveal itself to me. Needless to say I was hooked and from then on tabletop roleplaying has become a big part of my life. I have been roleplaying now for over twenty years, running and playing games in a wide variety of worlds of settings. I’ve battled the empire in Star Wars, I’ve explored the depths of Mirkwood In The One Ring and I’ve uncovered sinister cults and confronted eldritch horrors in call of cthulhu. I’ve crafted worlds and heroes, stories both vast and grandiose and small and personal and I’ve seen empires fall at a dice roll. Tabletop roleplaying truly is an experience like no other. As a GM I have a vast range of experience, starting back with that first step into call of cthulhu at the age of 13 and leading now to running games at conventions for several different companies. I’ve run games for Monte Cook Games, Modiphius and Green Ronin as well as a vast amount of groups, societies and events. Even after all these years every new adventure is still as exciting as ever and I love introducing new players to new games and seeing that excitement as they take their first steps in a new world.

GM style

My focuses when it comes to running a game are the story and making sure everyone has fun at the table. Everything else is secondary and rules are there to aid the game not detract for it. My style is highly cinematic, my goal at the table to create atmosphere and immersion, drawing you into the story and the setting of the game. As a GM I enjoy seeing the story of the adventure unfold. My plans are not rigid or set in stone and it’s quite often those unforeseen moments that are so thrilling, the kind that make everyone gasp or cheer around the table. When combat does eventually rear it’s head I try to make things as cinematic as possible, the focus being on keeping the momentum of the narrative. I enjoy describing combat scenes, using theatre of the mind rather than grids, though I can also employ maps and tokens to make things more tactical depending on the game.

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