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About me

I'm GM Castazzar, a Latin-American GM with a deep passion for tabletop roleplaying games. When I'm not crafting immersive game worlds, you might find me enjoying the great outdoors, watching a series or movie, or catching a football match. With a background in Communications, I bring a unique blend of storytelling and communication skills to every game. My journey with D&D began in my childhood, and it has been a constant source of inspiration ever since. I rejoined the adventure with the release of 5th Edition, diving into Adventurers League play and hosting home games with friends, often taking the GM seat. In recent years, I've expanded my horizons, delving into a variety of TTRPGs and related media. I take immense pleasure in creating game worlds that promise each player a memorable experience, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of books, series, movies, and other media that many of us hold dear. If you have any questions or want to connect, don't hesitate to message me at Castazzar#8217 or join my server:

GM style

I specialize in creating games with a perfect blend of roleplay, tactical combat, and brain-teasing puzzles. My goal is to immerse everyone in the story, and I actively encourage player involvement. While I generally follow the Rules As Written, I'm adaptable and open to using variant rules. I even have a few house rules up my sleeve for added excitement! I take the time to review character backgrounds, searching for exciting tie-ins and hooks that can lead to unforgettable adventures. What's most important to me is that you have fun, and to ensure that, I'm flexible when it comes to genre or playstyle preferences. Whether you're into high fantasy, gritty realism, or something entirely different, I'm here to make the game enjoyable for you. Though I'm not a professional voice actor, I thoroughly enjoy roleplaying. I embrace a descriptive approach, and I'm always excited when players get into character. Roleplay enhances the storytelling experience, and I encourage players to explore their characters' personalities. Most importantly, a respectful and inclusive gaming environment is non-negotiable. Disrespect has no place in our games.

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