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About me

Castazzar is a Latin-American GM who loves tabletop roleplaying games, music, nature and football. I studied Communications and work in a nonprofit. D&D won me over when I was kid and I am passionate about it. Now, I have been DMing for four years, mostly doing Adventurers League play and home games with friends. And a couple years ago I started playing and GMing other TTRPGs. I’ve really enjoy crafting our game world in a way that it provides each player with an enjoyable experience. Please feel free to join my server and ask any questions you may have:

GM style

I love games with a good balance between roleplay, combat and puzzles, and I love it when everyone gets involved in the game and immersed in the story. In terms of rules, I usually run by the Rules As Written, although I can be flexible. I'm open to using variant rules and actually have some house rules I use every now and then. Most importantly, I want you to have fun and therefore I can overlook some of my preferences in genre or playstyle. What can’t be overlooked is bigotry or disrespect of any kind on any of our games. I’ll always take my time to review your characters and background, trying to find interesting tie-ins and hooks for backstory and new adventures. Finally, I am not a voice actor, and even though my approach to roleplay is, many times, a descriptive one, I greatly enjoy roleplaying, especially when players do so too.

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