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About me

I have been steadily enjoying this hobby for 20 years, and whilst it's not the 40 years that those who have been playing since the 80's lay claim to, it's still long enough to personally witness the rise and fall of more then one edition of D&D. My experience encompasses several systems, and I find myself equally at home amongst the gravestones and tentacles of Gothic or Eldritch Horror, as I do amongst the metal, magic, and mainframes of Fantasy or Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk.

GM style

I'm as much of a fan of tactics and strategy as I am a good story, but I recognize that everyone may enjoy one over the other. Rewards are plentiful, but can only be obtained by those who search and work for them. Lastly, the world is a living character, that both acts without your input and reacts to the actions you take with consequence.

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